Couplepreneurs Are Dominating the Media Industry


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Dr. CaSay and The Franchise Jay Claxton Balance Work Life and Love Life While Running Successful Businesses Together

ENSPIRE Contributor: Natalie Dean

Couplepreneurs Dr. CaSay and The Franchise Jay Claxton of The Franchise Group are making being a couple and being business partners look easy! Together, they lead a multitude of services, including a radio show, a lifestyle magazine, and a podcast to name just a few. Within these services is a variety of content, so there is something for every viewer, listener, or reader to enjoy. Franchise Magazine alone covers a range of topics from business to entertainment, tech to fashion, politics to sports, and more. 

On top of running their multitude of projects together, the couple also faces the challenges of workplace romance. With so much going on in their business life, it is easy to imagine that it can be overwhelming. But they make it work! The Franchise Jay Claxton says about Dr. CaSay, “She gives me the freedom to be me, and it is not intimidating. We both understand the other’s value and we encourage it.” To these couplepreneurs, working together is an act of mutual respect and trust. Not only is their working relationship a successful one, but it is also one of mutual care and support. Dr. CaSay told us, “I often tell people I am Jay’s rib, but he is my spine, we can not move without the other.”

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In addition to doing their own work, Dr. CaSay and The Franchise Jay Claxton pay it forward to their fellow creators by providing a platform on which they can be seen, heard, and read. They love featuring up-and-coming creatives on their radio show, in The Franchize Magazine, and their OTT Streaming Platform. Creating these opportunities for aspiring fellow content creators is an important part of their work.

Besides all that is already in the works, The Franchise is soon to be launching their aforementioned OTT Streaming Platform. For those who are unfamiliar, this is an ‘Over-The-Top’ media service that connects audiences with content through the Internet. About this upcoming release, the couple told ENSPIRE: “We are very excited about launching our OTT Streaming Platform. We will be the first minority couple with a platform that resembles Netflix or Hulu. We are currently looking for content creators and are accepting submissions at

Photo: The Franchise Jay Claxton and Dr. CaSay

Running a business is never easy, but Jay and Dr. CaSay are making it work to fit their lifestyle. Their relationship is the cornerstone to their success, and readers can get excited to see the new projects they have in the works.

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