Jessica Dalby Finds Success as Founder and CEO of Diggie The Progression of Hip-Hop LLC


( ENSPIRE Music ) Jessica Dalby Started a Podcast “Diggie A-2 The Progression of Hip-Hop” Which Grew Into Her Successful Multifaceted Business

Jessica Dalby is a young female entrepreneur making a name for herself in the world of hip-hop through her company, Diggie The Progression of Hip-Hop LLC. She started off her career in the music world as a podcaster and has now expanded her business to include interviews with independent artists, consultations, marketing, and even a clothing brand.

Jessica Dalby was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and then joined the US Army. Now, she is the successful CEO of Diggie The Progression of Hip-Hop LLC. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology she put it to work in business. During a tumultuous time in her life, dealing with the pandemic, sadness, and turmoil, Diggie A-2 The Progression of Hip-Hop YouTube video podcast launched in April 2020.

Jessica saw a bigger vision and established the business in August 2020. She established a platform discussing various Hip-Hop Artists from different eras who had a powerful impact on the culture. Music is a universal language. Thus, for Dalby, the platform is a place of solace, inclusivity, and never a right or wrong answer in music.

In September 2020, she launched her podcast on all music podcast platforms. Establishing the Diggie clothing brand was just another milestone in her journey. Beginning January 2021, Jessica envisioned even more. She established a lane to interview independent artists, multi-genre, at all peaks of their careers.

Jessica has now immersed herself in the entertainment industry. Despite her professional difficulties and personal challenges, she has remained a steady course building a thriving business. Diggie The Progression of Hip-Hop is a key contributor to keeping the Hip-Hop culture alive, as well as opening doors for independent artists of all genres and continuing to keep social justice at the forefront of the business.

At its inception, The Progression of Hip-Hop is an exact description of what the podcast entails. They began with Season I: 80s, Season II: 1990-1994, Season III: 1995-1999, Season IV: the 2000s, and eventually Season V: 2010–2019. Beginning Season II and moving forward each season is dedicated to keeping the memory alive of those we have lost to social injustice. Season II was dedicated to the life and memory of Trayvon Martin, Season III to George Floyd, Season IV to Breonna Taylor, and presently Season V to Daunte Demetrius Wright.

Dalby prides herself on the quality and work ethic she brings to the table and the assurance she provides independent artists for each penny they invest in their careers. From online marketing to artist interviews via a widespread geographic presence of video and audio, and a large-scale appearance, everything provided is returned two-fold.

As a Hispanic female coming into this industry, she encountered people that did not see her as an equal. Yet, the best feeling is allowing your work ethic, professionalism, and perseverance to be observed. This is exactly what Jessica did. Her work is a demonstration of the immense hours she puts into her business. Success comes with sacrifice. Dalby spent countless days gone from home and her family traveling for work, multiple meetings and/or phone calls daily, and consistently putting her all in everything she does in business. She does not place limitations on what her biggest accomplishment has been because she has accomplished a lot in a brief time.

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As a business owner, Dalby understands that investing in your career and/or business is integral to your continued success. After eight months in business, Jessica successfully established another business under her parent company called P.U.S.H. Entertainment. Having spent less than 24 months as an established business owner, she has reached unsurmountable triumphs. Diggie A-2 The Progression Of Hip-Hop Podcast peaked at #9 on Apple Podcasts in the United States under music history. It is ranked in the top 10% globally. As well as Diggie A-2 The Progression of Hip-Hop video podcast on YouTube has over 1.4 million views worldwide.

P.U.S.H. Entertainment is all-encompassing. The services they offer range from a consultation to an Electronic Press Kit, marketing, interviews, and much more. Jessica prides herself on providing affordable rates and quality service to independent artists and new and upcoming entrepreneurs wanting to establish a business, website, etc. P.U.S.H. Entertainment works with her parent company Diggie The Progression of Hip-Hop LLC. The CEO has clarified that the success of P.U.S.H. Entertainment is only the beginning of another successful business to add to her resume.

Covid took a toll on employers, employees, and so much more. However, it also opened doors for many people to further their dreams. Dalby could do just that. She views herself overall as a businesswoman who is willing to take all the risks and reap the rewards. She possesses a diverse skill set that does not put her in a box. This has opened more doors for her than she ever imagined.

The entertainment industry is comprised of filmmakers, actors and actresses, broadcasters, publicists, radio hosts, music artists, and endless others. So many people are starting their very own business, and Dalby used that fact to push herself farther, faster, and harder. Dalby works well under pressure and that is another motivating factor for her. Her opinion is that you are your own best friend and worst enemy. Her biggest motivation is herself.

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