Tattoo Artist Ashley Paige Inspires Women to Be Creative in Their Careers


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Established Tattoo Artist Relocates From Maryland To Virginia to Motivate Women to Use their Talents

ENSPIRE Contributor: Bailey Chambers

Ashley Paige is an amazing business owner, and intersectional artist focused on tattoos to inspire women. She’s dedicated to serving commonly excluded communities with her beautiful tattoo art. Ashley is a luxury tattoo artist, who also is black and queer. She embarks on transforming the disliked part of someone’s body into a loved work of art. Her approach is holistic, offering people an unforgettable experience, especially women and non-binary individuals.

“The first person I tattooed was myself! In a studio, on my college campus, with all my friends around me, I tattooed a heart on my leg with a tattoo kit I bought online. My favorite experience as an artist is creating art. There are so many other hats that I wear as a human and successful business owner, but my soul feels happy when I’m creating, especially when I can bring that joy to other people by creating art on their bodies. Art is my love,” said Paige.

Tattoo Art by Ashley Paige. Photo provided by Instagram

Although she creates tattoos as her main art form, Paige is open to making any art that piques her interest. Mediums include drawing, painting, photography, videography, fashion, and even glass blowing. “Being creative in general is where I find inspiration for my next creation,” said Paige. Her hope for her tattoo career is to share her work and story with as many people as possible. She hopes to continue inspiring girls like her to pursue creative careers. “Representation matters! It helps our brains envision a life that may have once seemed mythical,” said Paige.

With her vast expertise in fine art, tattooing, and more, her story is one that leaves a permanent mark. Paige’s artful designs and the immense skill that goes into creating body art pushes women to love their bodies through art.

Tattoo Art by Ashley Paige. Photo provided by Instagram

 Paige is in the process of relocating her studio from Maryland to Virginia. The Virginia location will be a private studio with a luxury spa-like environment, providing a calming and comfortable tattoo environment for all.

Follow Paige on Instagram for grand opening information.

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