Moisturize Your Mind Art Show


Moisturize Your Mind Art Show


June 9, 2014 hosted one of the most hyped art events in quite a while. “Black Ink Crew’s” Oh Shit and Walt hosted an art show entitled “Moisturize Your Mind Art Show.” It was staged at “Raw Space” in Harlem, New York City and was a hit, featuring iconic canvas paintings, pictures and catered food to help entertain and attract the large crowd it did. As an additional bonus, the entire cast and crew of “Black Ink Crew” showed up to help support the local event. Music, which was hosted by DJ Desim, kept the crowd lively, happy and thoroughly entertained throughout the evening. This was definitely an art show filled with VIP guests, local artists and many fans of the “Black Ink Crew.” The famed VH1 tattoo artist, OhShit and photographer, Walt, decided to team up together and create an art show that not only showcased their rare and unique artistic talents, but also featured collaborative works of these two praised artists. mymartshow37 copy   OhShit commented that he is a firm believer in art on canvas before tattooing. His creativity and true artistic talents is vividly evident in all of his canvas works, especially his SAD paintings. OhShit generates his inspirations from the neighborhood and streets of his youth. The sights, sounds and memories help mix his creative juices to produce his amazing works that were displayed at the “Moisturize Your Mind Art Show”. He also gathers inspiration from his previous graffiti crew drawings and graffiti. The passion he has for what he does is so evident in all his works that it is impossible not to be in a trance when taking all the canvas art in.

mymartshow34 copy

Walt, the famed photographer, displayed photographs that will leave you in awe and completely speechless. Walt is one of the strongest believers, as evident, in turning your passion into your lifestyle, and doing what you love. Walt thrives on his passion for art and photography. The pictures he had on display were truly inspiring and mesmerizing. He repeatedly states that this is not just his hobby, but his ultimate passion. His photos including scenes of Harlem and the artistic style of being tattooed were vividly displayed all around the art show. His works were for sale, and generated much interest and buzz among the local crowd.

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Due to the large turn out and popular demand for this event, it wouldn’t come to much of a surprise if this stimulated a premature interest for a future art show, featuring these two artists. The crowd was extremely supportive during this show and the vibe among everyone was amazing. Having individuals who truly support, appreciate and respect the art of tattooing and tattoos was widely witnessed at the “Moisturize Your Mind” art show.

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