5 Career Paths To Choose in the Beauty Industry

5 Career Paths To Choose in the Beauty Industry

( ENSPIRE Business ) A Happy Career in Beauty Doesn’t Require Much Schooling

Children often dream of being ballerinas, firefighters, or other careers. But for you, you dreamt of bright, colorful hair, beautifully crafted nails, and practiced makeup techniques. Luckily, you can find a job in the beauty industry without needing to attend a four-year college. So, here are five career paths to choose in the beauty industry.


A cosmetologist specializes in hair, skin, makeup, and nail application. Cosmetologists explore a broad range of careers in the beauty industry while also obtaining certifications to expand their expertise. The average annual salary is $31,000 and only requires 1 to 2 years of education.


An esthetician focuses on the anatomy, physiology, and care of the human skin. They also specialize in waxing, chemical peels, laser and high-frequency services, and they work as assistants to dermatologists. The average annual salary is $49,000, and it only requires half a year to a full year of education.

Nail Technician

A nail technician focuses on the craft of nail art, acrylics, gel, no-chip, and hand massage. They make an average income of $33,000 while only requiring 3 to 9 months of education, depending on the state. Some nail technicians even become the personal technicians for famed celebrities and influential figures in society.

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist specializes in creating a range of looks based on the client. They can do everyday makeup, evening looks, bridal makeup, and even work in SFX makeup for movies or performances. The education takes roughly 300 to 600 hours, depending on the state, while the average income is $25,000.

Salon Manager/Owner

Becoming a salon manager or owner requires prior experience in the industry. Salon managers and owners have a background of working in different types of beauty salons, striving to make new trends and help provide jobs for working stylists. They make an average income of $39,000 and require between 1 to 4 years of education. It’s a career path to choose in the beauty industry that requires hard work and results in rewarding experiences.

Whether you dream of working with hair or want to create a beautiful set of acrylics, you can become incredibly successful in a field you love. Don’t miss out on pursuing your dreams; become the artist you desire to be.