Supermodel Jordan Barrett Launches New Sake-Based Seltzer


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Jordan Barrett Brings Sake to Mainstream Western Drinks with His New Seltzer Partnership with XED Beverages

ENSPIRE Contributor: Natalie Dean

Looking for a fun new drink? Look no further! Supermodel Jordan Barrett recently celebrated the launch of his new sake-based seltzer, Hapē Sake Spritz, alongside XED Beverages. This seltzer will add some variety to your typical spiked seltzers.

Sake, for those who are unfamiliar, is a Japanese alcohol made from fermented rice. Similar but distinctly different to other brewed alcohols such as beer and wine, sake offers a unique flavor profile. Popular in Japan and Eastern Asia, sake is still an underappreciated beverage in the United States. XED seeks to bring this drink into the American mainstream by introducing it to a wide audience as a familiar seltzer.  

Photo: Jordan Barrett

Hapē, which is available online and in select storefronts, comes in three flavors ‌with plans to expand later. The first is lemonade with hibiscus and lemongrass, the second is grapefruit with elderflower and ginger, and the third is green tea with yuzu and lemon. Each of these flavors creates lovely blends of sweetness and tart flavors, including notes of citrus. 

To ensure the highest quality, Hapē is made from organic fruit, steeped tea, refreshing seltzer, and of course, masterfully brewed Junmai Sake. Junmai Sake, or “pure rice” sake has no additives and is characterized by subdued aromas and a full body. Junmai masters will take up to seven full months working on a brew. This care and attention is one of the reasons Hapē is so high-quality!

Photo: Jordan Barrett

There are plenty of things to love about Hapē! Only 100 calories, full of organic ingredients with no added sugars, and only 4.5% ABV, it is a sweet treat you can enjoy with friends (assuming you are all 21+!). 

Want to check it out? Click here!

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