Tianyu is the Leader in Chinese Lantern Cultural Festivals


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. Creates Beautiful and Educational Light Displays

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone   

Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. creates magnificent displays at their world-class lantern and light festivals. As the largest lantern festival producer in North America, they cultivate creative and beautiful light displays, festivals, and exhibits around the world in venues such as zoos and botanical gardens. Created only seven years ago, Tianyu has already amassed 4.5 million visitors as the host of 62 festivals in over 30 cities in the United States. 

Tianyu’s lantern festivals give the ancient tradition a twist by using modern lighting techniques, new themes, and creative ideas to deliver endless entertainment. Festival-goers get to experience authentic Chinese culture through the festivities at Tianyu’s events. The festivals often feature live performances, including acrobatics, martial arts, and traditional Chinese dances. Authentic Asian cuisine is also available, including Sichuan cold noodles, pan-fried buns, and handmade spicy dumplings. Attendees also get to experience traditional Chinese handicrafts, such as Chinese hand painting and sugar painting. 

Image via Tianyu

Besides being highly entertaining, Tianyu’s lantern festivals are educational and environmentally friendly. Tianyu works directly with the zoos, parks, and botanical gardens to fabricate reusable lanterns that are inspired by nature. The lantern designs feature animals such as birds, land mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish in their natural habitats. Other lantern designs include endangered and extinct species. Tianyu’s goal is to light up cities with beautiful lanterns while simultaneously inspiring people to protect our natural wildlife. 

Image via Tianyu

Besides lantern festivals, Tianyu also offers specifically themed lantern decorations, such as custom Christmas and holiday light shows. They can provide customized lanterns as well, including sponsor lanterns that feature a logo or corporate symbol, or team mascot lanterns. Tianyu’s creations have also been featured in the James Bond movie Skyfall, with a custom dragon head lantern serving as a backdrop for a scene in the film. 

Image via Tianyu

In 2022, Tianyu is set to host over a dozen festivals in markets across the country. Venues include Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Reno, Nevada, Palm Desert, California, Louisville, Kentucky, and Chicago, Illinois. To find the next Tianyu lantern festival near you, click here, and to learn more about Tianyu, click here.  

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