Skincare Expert Jazmin the Great Boosts Women’s Self-Esteem with Her Beauty Companies


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Skincare Expert Jazmin the Great Boosts Women’s Self-Esteem with Her Vegan Medical Spa and Line of Fur Coats

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

Jazmin the Great is a female entrepreneur making her mark in the world of beauty in both the skincare and fashion industries. As a world-renowned skincare expert, Jazmin made use of her 10 years of experience in the industry to open SKIN Vegan Med Spa in Buckhead, Atlanta. Her career in beauty began as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, where she realized ‌skin issues were being masked rather than fixed. She took matters into her own hand to create the first Black woman-owned vegan medical spa in Atlanta in order to help boost women’s self-esteem. 

Jazmin’s passion for beauty didn’t stop there. She designed a line of luxury coats, Life of G.O.D.S., that was released in November 2017. Her brand exploded with popularity, with entertainers such as Hip-Hop singer and rapper Cardi B, singer K. Michelle, Grammy-nominated singer Fantasia, and Grammy award-winning producer Stevie J. featuring her pieces on Good Morning America, Teen Vogue, People Magazine, and more. 

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Jazmin spoke with ENSPIRE about her business, personal and professional experiences: 

How did your experience of working as a makeup artist influence your creation of SKIN Vegan Med Spa? 

Being a makeup artist first helped me realize that there was an overlooked issue in the beauty industry and in our society. Instead of addressing the various skincare concerns that women had, we as makeup artists/beauty industry professionals were simply helping mask the issues or concerns with our client’s skin. As a result, I experienced how deeply women were impacted by the way they looked without foundation and concealer and how much insecurity they felt without it. This moved me to further educate myself about skincare and open a place that cared about helping clients clear their skin. 

Why do you aim to help women of color in the skincare industry? 

I aim to help women of color in this industry because I am a woman of color. I see firsthand how we are overlooked at times or our treatments are misdiagnosed often enough because of a lack of research and interest in the beauty industry. I want to help change that and make treatments available to minorities that are made with us in mind. 

Can you tell me more about what a vegan medical spa is and what kinds of services you offer?

We are a vegan “option” spa meaning we are a plant-based and holistic approach to treating the face and body. We offer various services, with some of our most popular being our vegan facial, all-natural foot detox, and laser hair removal for all skin types.

Why did you create your luxury fur coat line, Life of G.O.D.S.? 

Being from the East Coast, I always loved coats and extravagant furs. When I moved to Atlanta, I saw that the aspect of fashion was missing. I wanted to share that love and experience for true lavish winter wear with the south.


Where did your love of beauty and fashion come from? 

That’s a funny question! I have honestly loved beauty and fashion since I was a little girl. My family literally would joke about how strange it was that I wanted things ‌I’d never seen my mother or grandmother have.

Jazmin empowers women through her work in the beauty industry, with both her vegan spa and line of fur coats. She provides women with a boost in self-esteem as she helps them to improve their appearance in terms of their skin and their fashion. Check out Jazmin’s SKIN Vegan Med Spa here and her line of fur coats, Life of G.O.D.S., here.  

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