SisterZ with Hope & Faith Offers Salvation for Sex Traffick Victims


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Dr. Kimberely Sanders Creates a Safe Haven for Individuals Who Want a Fresh Start

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Dr. Kimberley Sanders is someone whose goal is to protect and care for victims of sex trafficking, violence, and abuse. SisterZ with Faith & Hope is her nonprofit organization that changes lives for all. When hearing about an indecent regarding sex trafficking or kidnapping, breaks your heart.

Many women and individuals have been victims of such vulgar incidents. These individuals have a difficult time reentering society and healing. SisterZ offers opportunities and much-needed resources for any individual to regain their self-love and confidence again.


SisterZ offers several programs and resources for anyone who has struggled. There are stories from all kinds of women and girls that are traumatizing and have affected them. This organization gives them a fresh start, to rehabilitate and find a strong version of themselves. Below are the steps and sources anyone can use.

SisterZ Resources and Programs

  • Outreach program: this is before entering the SisterZ program through assessment and early intervention and group classes. To figure out the proper care and guidance an individual need to reenter society.
  • Restore is the next phase where several resources are provided for the victims, inmates or any individual can use to regain self-love confidence, and mental strength. 
  • Educational programs are provided such as ESL, GED, advanced degree opportunities, and certification programs.
  • Psychiatric counseling is offered to anyone who is struggling with trauma mental health and personal issues they want to address. An opportunity to improve one’s mental health and wellness is key. 
  • Safe Fortress is housing opportunities for clients. There will be staff, volunteers, and security to keep you safe. Housing can be provided for 3 to 6 months and sometimes longer depending on the proper care for the individual.
  • Law enforcement and legal services can be provided to help the victim, inmates, and other individuals who have experienced sex trafficking and other inappropriate accusation and past traumatic crime incidents, the proper justice, and legal care to reenter society.
  • Career placement is another opportunity to have women reenter the workforce and find a proper job that matches their previous education and or skills.

We have had the opportunity to speak with Kimberley Sanders.


What tips on traveling safely during summer?

 Be alert and observant. Pay close attention to your kid. 

Or human trafficking signs to watch out for? 

  1. Young girls and/or women who seem afraid to speak and/or give eye contact. 
  2. Young girls and/or women who may look malnutrition and withdrawn.
  3.  Physical signs of physical injuries and abuse.
  4. Answers that may seem scripted and rehearsed. 

Were there any individuals who you’ve interviewed that stuck out

Yes! There was a young girl who had been trafficked since she was 12 years old. Her mom raised several younger siblings and was unemployed. Due to her struggles, her mom sold to her uncle for money to be able to take care of her younger siblings. This, in turn, caused her uncle to become her pimp. It was supposed to be one thing but turned out to be 10 years. 

How did you create your outreach program? 

When creating my outreach program I wanted to make sure that it focused on victims, survivors, and the community. I did research and interviews to gather information on what and how I could educate the community, victims, and survivors on trafficking. My research also included knowing what would be the best resources and methods to use to get successful results. 

How did you create the opportunities for resources such as career placement, psychiatric services, and housing? 

By partnering with other organizations that offer these services and offering volunteer opportunities in my organization for individuals who have backgrounds in these areas. 

What steps do you believe every community should take to keep women, children, and other people safe from trafficking? 

The first step should be providing education on what trafficking is and how to identify trafficking. The next step should be to help bring awareness that trafficking is real and it is happening in all communities. Another very important step is to Implement safety measures in our communities as well as report suspicious activities.  As always, be alert.

To find out more go to SisterZ with Hope & Faith website and find out their volunteering options and other resources. Follow their Instagram for more updates.

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