Celebrate San Francisco’s 15th Fashion Community Week


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) Fashion Community Week Prepares to Amaze Audiences with 15th Season.

ENSPIRE Contributor: Claya Davis

Preparations for 2022’s Fashion Community Week are in full swing, which should make designers and fashion fanatics alike extra excited! Set in San Francisco, this year’s festivities begin on Friday (Sep. 30) and conclude Sunday (Oct. 2).

Along with a fantastic fashion show on Saturday (Oct. 1), fans and designers can attend a fashion week party on the first day and a conference and pop-up shopping event on Sunday. There will also be plenty of time for designers to network and make invaluable business connections throughout the weekend.

Fashion Community Week Spring 2022 Photo Credits: Martineau Arts

Since its 2014 inaugural season, Fashion Community Week has been shining the spotlight on emerging designers while promoting diversity in the fashion industry. Since its conception, the organization has represented designers from 52 countries, across 6 different continents.

Fashion Community Week Spring 2022

Along with the publicity and promotion that Fashion Community Week provides its designers with, the organization also offers individual and personalized consulting for new fashion brands and startups, intended to aid them with business development, marketing, branding, and the actual launching of their brand.

Fashion Community Week Spring 2022

Those interested in attending this year’s Fashion Community Week should visit the organization’s website to purchase tickets for the event. Are you a designer wanting to show off your work at this year’s show? It is not too late! Visit this link to apply now.

Follow Fashion Community Week on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay current and see pictures from the event. Watch a video about a unique way to experience Fashion Community Week below!

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