CÎROC Makes “Wins Taste Better” With Limited Edition Line


( ENSPIRE Feature ) CÎROC Teams Up With NTWRK and Ev Bravado on New Sports-Themed Clothing Line

ENSPIRE Contributor: Claya Davis

CÎROC, the luxury vodka brand, announces plans to make waves in the fashion world by collaborating with their culture’s favorite Livestream shopping platform NTWRK and cutting-edge fashion designer Ev Bravado to create custom-made CÎROC apparel that allows fans to pay tribute to their favorite sports teams and players.

While the company also promises that #winstastebetter when accompanied by a cold can of CÎROC Vodka Spritz, their entrance into the apparel world offers sports fans a unique way to express themselves while repping their favorite teams.

Ev Bravado and Princess Nokia celebrate 2022 football season with CÎROC Photo Credits: Team Diageo

To kick off this new collaboration, Bravado created two brand new custom jackets intended to appeal to New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys fans by drawing from the famous iconography of each city. The two NFL teams faced off yesterday (Sept. 26).

In reference to these two new designs, Bravado comments, “I was born in Brooklyn, so you can guess which team I’m rooting for, but rest assured I put equal amounts of love into both designs, drawing inspiration from football, my recent runway collections, my love of style, and of course CÎROC.”

Designer Ev Bravado rocks CÎROC fashion line. Photo Credits: Team Diageo

CÎROC’s collaborative clothing line is only one of the ways that they intend to celebrate the ongoing football season. As a vodka company, CÎROC’s first ready-to-drink cocktail is certainly delicious enough to be the MVP of all who are 21+. Described by the brand as providing fans with a “best of both worlds” beverage that contains “the luxurious crispness of an expertly made vodka cocktail while also being conveniently served up in a beautifully designed, ready-to-drink can” this drink is truly the perfect gameday companion.

In honor of their sports apparel and beverage fame, CÎROC provided all streetwear and sports fans with the opportunity to participate in a drawing for one of their two jackets (Giants of Cowboys-inspired) in collaboration with NTWRK. The results of the drawing will be announced this Thursday (Sept. 29), so make sure to tune in at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST to witness the winner reveal!

CÎROC Vodka Spritz x Ev Bravado Jackets Photo Credits: Team Diageo


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