“Finding Happy” Premieres on Bounce

The series premiere of "Finding Happy" is Sat. Sept. 24 at 8pm ET on Bounce TV

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Showcasing the Black, Female Experience Finding Fulfillment


All Yaz Carter wants for her birthday is happiness. But finding happiness is easier said than done with an unfulfilling career, a meandering love life, and a wild family. Oh, and she’s recently become an internet meme, too. Promos and trailers are available on BounceTV.Com

This is the premise of Bounce’s new original series “Finding Happy,” which comes out Saturday, September 24th on the streaming platform. The series explores Yaz’s experience as a Black woman as she navigates romance, work, and family life all in pursuit of happiness. The series begins with Yaz’s very public, very meme-able meltdown at her 36th birthday party, and over the course of 10 episodes follows the shenanigans that ensue as she tries to take control of her life.

From The Season 1 Promo of “Finding Happy”

“She’s at an age of reckoning. We all can relate to that,” said Kendra Jo, the series showrunner, writer, and co-creator said in a promo for season 1. 

The series is bubbly, colorful, and oh-so-funny. The series aims to blend heartfelt storytelling with fun hijinks, all spurred on by an eccentric cast of characters. Its themes of seeking self-fulfillment are increasingly relatable to many people who are finding themselves navigating new careers and relationships in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Yasmine Coleman and Angela Wells created the series which stars B. Simone as Yaz Carter. The rest of the cast includes talented names such as Kim Coles, Stevie Baggs, Mike Merrill, Angela Gibbs.

All new Bounce Original Series “Finding Happy” premieres this fall.

“We get the chance to be authentically all that we are,” Angela Gibbs said in the season 1 promo. “Funny, flawed, scared, angry, and yet we still shine.” 

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