Sharon Marie Cline’s Unique Vocals Liven Up the Jazz Scene


( ENSPIRE Interviews ) The Up-and-Coming Artist Has a Five-Octave Range That Makes Her a Rare Find

ENSPIRE Contributor: Megan Sydow

Despite being new to the jazz scene, Sharon Marie Cline has made her presence known. With performances at multiple festivals, jazz clubs and special events worldwide, her sweet intonations and unique song-styling give audience members an unforgettable experience.

ENSPIRE magazine spoke to the female jazz artist to tell her story about being in the music industry, what inspired her to pursue this path and how she stands out from the rest.

Courtesy of Craig Allyn Photography

Aside from big musicians in the jazz scene, is there anything/anyone else that influenced you to get into the jazz scene? If so, what were they?

I choose Jazz as my primary genre because I love the ability to put my own personal stamp on a song in the way I interpret it. Jazz, for me, is the perfect balance between melody, harmony, and emotional communication. And there is a distinct relationship between the singer and the band. Creating music requires we listen to each other– I sing a phrase that inspires a lick from the pianist or the drummer lays down a groove that the bass picks up that inspires the sax and so on and a new “take” on an old classic is made. It is true interplay. Every time we perform a song, it is fresh and alive because we are listening to each other at the moment and the song becomes just that: an interplay. I love Jazz!

What does it mean to have a five-octave vocal range and how does it make you stand out from the rest?

Most popular artists and most popular songs lie within an octave or octave and 1/2 range. A five-octave range does make me stand apart from most. It also affords me the ability to express and play with melody in a variety of ways to communicate the message and the emotion of a song.

Was it hard to achieve that range?

Some of it is simply the musculature of my instrument. I was born with the propensity of a large range and to be able to hit certain notes with crystal clarity…but practice, practice, practice has helped to increase my range. Diet has helped to keep my sinuses healthy, exercise helps to keep my core & my diaphragm strong and my breathing solid. Taking care of my body and my vocal hygiene help me to be able to maintain and explore my range. It takes work and diligence.

Courtesy of Craig Allyn Photography

How did you get to where you are today?

Tenacity and fortitude… and a pure love for being a singer. And I guess I would also say, I do it because — I must! I do believe I was born to sing and express and inspire with my voice.
I started taking voice lessons when I was a teenager. Got a master’s degree in Music and Theater from The University of Florida. I have studied my craft and continue to study it. I have been fortunate enough to have had great mentors that have taught me the various aspects of the business … Also, I have been willing to be adventurous— trial and error. Learn from my mistakes and keep going.

Were there any hurdles you had to jump through that made it difficult for you?

There are always hurdles in an industry that isn’t known for taking chances on something new… something not tried in true. So, it has been hard to get seen and heard by the people who can open new doors for me in this industry. But I keep at it. Keep being true to myself. I keep connecting with people and making new fans. And doors are opening… and I’m walking through them.

Courtesy of Craig Allyn Photography

What is a big dream of yours as a jazz musician?

To perform at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, to collaborate with great artists at the height of their careers, to have one of the songs I sing featured in a big-budget movie, and to keep working/performing in glorious venues around the world. One of my favorite sayings is: Have Voice, will travel.” I’d like my voice to take me to beautiful destinations around the world so I may shine Light and share my talent.

Are there any upcoming events you are performing at?

Yes. The Conference Room Sept 9th and October 21, Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood on November 26th. Urban Press Winery in Burbank, CA on Dec 4th.

With both classical and musical theater training, Sharon Marie Cline is a jazz musician with an impressive resume. Having shared the stage with many jazz legends such as Tony Bennett, Chris Botti and Jane Monheit, she approaches the jazz scene with her five-octave range and offers a new, contemporary sound to the world of jazz.

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