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Dani-elle Kleha's Running on Dreams EP

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Award-Winning Country Singer Dani-elle Kleha Talks Music, Creativity, and Inspiration

ENSPIRE Contributor: Phitchaya Thongthai

Dani-elle Kleha is a rising country star. Originally from Jermyn, Pennsylvania, Dani-elle has been singing since she was three years old. Since her first performance at her Sunday school, Dani-elle’s passion for music has remained unchanged, leading her to open shows for artists like Darius Rucker, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean. She even co-wrote songs with Grammy-nominated songwriter Amanda Williams.

Dani-elle uses music as a platform to promote positivity and bring to light issues such as bullying. This is best seen in her latest work, headlining the Positive Youth Tour, for which she received the Humanitarian Award. The tour was a series of shows performed in the Lackawanna and Susquehanna counties of the US. Each show allowed the artists to engage with the audience on topics such as personal aspirations, bullying experiences, and self-worth. 

Dani-elle Kleha
Courtesy of Dani-elle Kleha

ENSPIRE asked Dani-elle Kleha some questions about her music career, passions, and aspirations.

What is your favorite song out of your discography that you want your audience to listen to? 

Always such a tough question! However, I would have to say my favorite is the title track of my latest EP Runnin’ on Dreams. Every word of that song is true and straight from the heart. I wrote that song for my fans, my family, my team, and my friends. Every person who is on this musical journey with me believes in my music and my message every step of the way. It was a type of “thank you” to all the true believers who are “Runnin’ on this Dream” with me. I couldn’t do it without all of them!! 

What is your creative process like? 

My creative process is always starting with a dream and idea in mind. Whether it be in songwriting, show/tour planning, merchandise designing, and just overall strategizing, I love seeing something grow over time. I love eventually having that dream that was once in my head become this reality that I get to share with the world! I’m a big planner and a big dreamer, and I believe that anything you put your mind to, put your hard work into, and put your full heart into, you can make a reality. 

Dani-elle Kleha
Courtesy of Dani-elle Kleha

What has been your proudest moment to date and why? 

I have truly been blessed with a lot of proud moments ‌from different awards, to being able to open for artists I look up to like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and others, places I’ve been to, and stages I’ve gotten to perform on.

I would have to say though that the Positive Youth Tour is one of the coolest things that I get to do. I get to use this platform that has been given to me, and I get to use my own stories, my journey, my message, and my music to make a difference in such a huge way. We’ve been able to hear some pretty amazing stories of the impact the tour has had and that to me is just mind-blowing. And I can’t wait to continue on this journey having more moments like that and making more dreams a reality. 

What future projects do you have planned and what are you most excited about? 

We have so many ideas and plans for what is coming up next. From new music to touring, product lines, and everything in between. I would have to say I am most excited about getting back out on the Positive Youth Tour. My band and I tour middle and high schools. I share my personal stories of getting bullied and talk about ‌being kind, following your dreams, self-worth, and believing in yourself. My band then comes out, and we put on a concert for them. My goal is to make it a nationwide tour. 

Dani-elle Kleha
Courtesy of Dani-elle Kleha

What inspires and motivates you the most? 

I think the motivation to make a difference is a big one for me. I’ve wanted to do this since I was three years old. I told my parents this was all I wanted to do, and they supported me ever since. The dream was placed in my heart for a reason, and I was truly blessed with this gift for a reason. When I see how a song can impact someone, the stories I hear, the smiles I see, it’s truly incredible. To know that something I do, that my journey and my story could inspire others, and that my music could make that much of an impact on others is truly inspiring to me every day.

My parents are a huge inspiration to me as well. Both of them are business owners and entrepreneurs and I have watched them my entire life take ideas and dreams and make them a reality while doing what they love and making a difference in the world. 

Dani-elle Kleha
Courtesy of Dani-elle Kleha

Do you have any advice for young musicians looking to get started in their careers? 

I think the best advice that I could give is to put your whole heart, soul, and everything you have into it. Have such a love and passion for music that you wake up each day with that dream and goal in your heart. Surround yourself with amazing people who support you through the good and the bad. Work hard at it every single day, love what you do, and have fun, but never stop working at it.

Always remember that there is always going to be something for you to learn from someone who knows more than you and be willing to always learn. Never forget where you came from, be grateful and humble throughout your journey, make a difference and dream big but keep your feet on the ground. And always remember why you started. 

Dani-elle Kleha’s music is a mix of modern and 90s country music. Her discography has earned her Nashville’s 2015 “Rising Artist Award,” Steamtown Music Awards 2015 “Country Artist of the Year,” Nashville’s 2016 “Female Artist of the Year,” and Josie Music Awards’ 2017 “Female Artist of the Year.” At 25, she has accomplished big things in the music industry all the while maintaining the same positivity. Currently, Dani-elle has three albums under her belt and does not appear to be slowing down ‌soon. She is an artist with a mission to inspire and uplift. 

Listen to Dani-elle on all online streaming platforms including Spotify and YouTube. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Dani-elle’s official website.

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