Liz Truss Becomes UK Prime Minister

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( ENSPIRE News ) Liz Truss Delivers First Speech As British Prime Minister “Determined To Deliver” 


ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabel Strickland


After meeting with Queen Elizabeth II to be formally appointed as the prime minister of Britain, Liz Truss delivered her first speech as prime minister in which she promised to turn Britain into “an aspiration nation.”She expressed her ambitions to reform British healthcare, infrastructure, and more. Her ascension comes at a tense time for Britain as a nation. 


Truss succeeds Boris Johnson, who stepped down as Prime Minister in July following a strong wave of pressure from many members of his own party to resign. Johnson’s resignation kicked off an election for his replacement within Britain’s conservative party, in which Truss narrowly defeated Rishi Sunak for the position.


Johnson went to the Queen’s Balmoral castle in Scotland to officially submit his resignation, followed swiftly by Truss. The Queen greeted Truss with a smile and extended palm, marking her official assent to the position of prime minister. After visiting the Queen, Truss returned to 10 Downing Street in London to deliver her first speech as prime minister. 


Truss inherits a slew of important issues going forward, namely Britain’s ongoing economic crisis. Truss laid out three early political priorities in her speech, those being to grow the economy by cutting taxes, deal with the ongoing energy crisis, and solidify the National Health Service. A concern for infrastructure and job creation were also running themes in her speech. She concluded by saying she was “determined to deliver.”

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Despite the tension that has gripped Britain’s conservative party in these last few months, both Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have called for the party to unify behind Truss going forward. Meanwhile, a YouGov poll released Thursday found that only 12% of Britons think Lizz Truss will make a great or good prime minister.


Despite the mixed reaction to her appointment, Truss has promised to turn Britain into an “aspiration nation” over the course of her premiership. Only time will tell if she is successful in this aim.




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