Women & Allies: Stay Home on September 30th for National “Day Without Us” 


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Reproductive Justice And Voting Rights Organizers Call On All Women, Allies, and People Across the Country Who Demand Protection for Reproductive and Voting Freedoms

In response to the overturn of Roe v. Wade, organizers from across the country announced the upcoming DAY WITHOUT US, a national day of action and teach-in via full-page New York Times ad calling on all women and allies across the country to stay home on Friday, September 30th, which is also the 46th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment. Organizers are asking everyone to stop business as usual and remove themselves from their daily routines to demonstrate power, solidarity, and autonomy over how they use their bodies. Instead of work and school, they will participate in an online teach-in and local events across the country. The campaign kicked off with a live launch on Tuesday, August 30th at daywithoutus.com.

#DayWithoutUs comes just three months after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in June to overturn Roe v. Wade, removing the federal constitutional right to an abortion. #DayWithoutUs has been set on September 30th as a show of opposition to the Hyde Amendment which bans the use of federal funding to pay for abortions through Medicaid. It is also the Friday before the next Supreme Court session, which begins on Monday, October 3rd, when more critical cases on voting rights, 1st amendment rights and bodily autonomy will be decided. 

“Day Without Us is a day of disruption, learning, activation and community building.  The current conditions require that we exercise our power in both new and familiar ways.  Our bodies- the very bodies that our government exerts more control over daily- fuel and drive all of the systems that keep this country running. We will remove ourselves from our daily routines and join a mass teach-in to understand how the fight for reproductive justice is a fight for all of our freedoms — and learn how to plug into the fight from where you are.” Tiffany Flowers, Campaign Director, Day Without Us. 

The September 30th virtual teach-in and in-person events will feature a wide range of topics like reproduction rights, labor organizing, abolition, voting rights, climate justice, student movements, and international solidarity along with special performances and conversations. #DayWithoutUs is a time to pause, acknowledge our collective grief, anxiety, and exhaustion. In an effort to make the day accessible to all, organizers will offer support to those who will be economically impacted by abstaining from work to join this day of action. 


#DayWithoutUs is organized by Black women-led reproductive justice advocates and organizers who have developed an inclusive table with supporting organizations. The goal is to provide education and information for how people can collectively take action during this critical point in US history. The day’s events will connect people to groups and organizations in their areas and will address a number of issues that are impacted by the intersectionality of reproductive justice.

For more information on #DayWithoutUs please visit: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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