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Olesya Wilson has combined her medical knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine, alternative medicine, and mind-body research to come up with concrete solutions to better your energy and overall health. Olesya has struggled with several medical diagnoses that have progressed in her twenties. When she discovered there were no medical offers or treatments, she sought the information herself. In her late twenties, she went to college and discovered different medical and spiritual treatments.

Even though her exploration brought on great results, she still had IBS, endometriosis, and progesterone. The battle continued, and it took ten long years to see a huge difference. Trying several protocols, supplement nutrition plans, and diets, led to her pondering the question of how she got to this healthy point in her life and why did others feel so sick and couldn’t do the same. Olesya’s strategy was to use Eastern and Western medical knowledge to achieve a healthy body. However, she rejected the limitations of modern medicine. Strategies of mind-body and mental health were a new approach to rebuilding the body. Now she is a mother of two children and runs an independent business called Limitless Body.

Olesya Wilson

What is the Limitless Body Program and what are the steps to start your healing journey?

The Limitless Body Program is all about reconnecting to your body as a source of energy, confidence, and success. I believe we all have untapped potential inside us and creating a Limitless Body is about unlocking it to expand our lives as far as we wish to take them. The first step in the Limitless Body Program is forgetting everything you know about your body. No matter what you’ve been told, or the limits you think you have, we work to remove these blocks. The next step is to know that you are Limitless! I love using stories of miraculous healing, impossible recoveries, and incredible stories as the inspiration for what we can achieve for ourselves. Then we can find the path that reconnects us to a body that can heal itself.

She helps clients with reverse aging and forgetting their chronic health problems. With video sessions and programs, her goal is to help identify your potential and architect your body using modern tests such as mental and spiritual practices. Some improvements you will see are having more energy, healthy endocrine organs and hormones, an active and clear brain, and optimal digestion.

Explain why the mind is a key part of your overall health and energy.

To truly change your health, you need to change your mindset to stick with the new routines and habits that build a Limitless Body. Many of the aspects of your past and current life are holding you back and wearing you down slowly, year after year. We attribute the small problems our body develops to aging and accept them as being an inevitable consequence of time. What if you still felt as light and energetic as you did as a child? What if you could reverse and repair the aspects of your body that are holding you back from that? Therefore, my first two steps are entirely mental. To allow yourself to achieve these results, you must first know and truly believe they are possible!

What are some key components when scheduling these limitless body sessions?

A key component of any Limitless Body Session is empowering people with the knowledge they have powerful, personal control over their health and body. Health is not something you are helpless to affect. It is not something you must lose over time. Illness is not something you have to dread happening to you by chance.

There are simple ways to take control of your body and practices you can employ to maintain your health for decades longer than many people are aware of. I explore a wide range of options available to everyone and work with each individual to find solutions that fit their unique lives. Each session’s goal is to give you confidence that you can achieve the dreams you have for your mind, body, and soul.

Here is how the creation of Limitless Body began: Olesya lived in Siberia and has been diagnosed with PCOS, hypothyroidism, IBS, endometriosis, early menopause, and gut health issues. She wanted to be as healthy and energetic as a child again. She truly believed that she can heal herself, so she explored every healing modality and detox method, including today’s alternative medicines made recommended by health experts and naturopathic doctors. One of her goals was to have a family, and it felt so far out of reach. She became a USA-based certified nutritionist, functional diagnostic practitioner, psychosomatics, and energy healer.

Her research continued and she discovered that the medical diagnosis was just symptoms and not the main route of the problem. The key was gathering energy. Without energy, our bodies become sickly and look old. She wanted to obtain energy potency so she was still youthful. Modern medicine (Eastern/Western) was reaching its limits, so she dove into her past. 

According to your research, the lack of energy is what causes us to feel more sick and ill, why does our energy dwindle as we get older and what are three key factors in regaining that youthful energy?

Especially in the Western world, we view our health as a product of our brain, heart, lungs, muscles, and joints. My studies have revealed to me just how shallow an understanding this is. Our organs can heal, some like our liver in a matter of weeks, so there is a reason they become sick.

The first factor to consider is that your body is not the same as when you were born. Each cell in your body has an average of 6-8 years before it is replaced. Your body is making young cells all the time, renewing itself. If these new cells are less healthy and made of unnatural or inferior ingredients, they cannot perform as well as the cell they replace.

We come to the second factor, that your nutrition defines the building blocks your body has when it is repairing itself. Your digestion, gut organ health, and the food you eat are all essential aspects of keeping your organs healthy and functional. If you are not nourishing yourself properly, your body cannot rebuild itself to maintain the same standard of health.

This creates the third factor, the slow accumulation of internal stress that takes away your body’s ability to recover from external stress. If your body is working less effectively, it cannot fight and eliminate the toxins and diseases that it may encounter in day-to-day life. This feels like losing energy, but it is a consequence of your body’s decreasing capacity to deal with external stress.

Olesya Wilson

Are certain benefits in modern medicines, alternative medicines, and home remedies that helped create your solution to better health and wellness?

Modern medicine has unlocked insight into the operation of our bodies at the atomic level. We can image our body without touching it and perform lab tests that give us detailed breakdowns of how our body is operating. Many easily synthesized compounds we have developed over the last 100 years have helped billions stay healthy and remain powerful tools even in the first world. Alternative medicine includes using some of these medicines in creative ways, but also ancient herbs and minerals our body needs.

The characteristic I look for in a remedy is when it has a holistic benefit to health. Many of the modern medicines used today force your body to correct a problem, by targeting a symptom. This doesn’t resolve the root cause of the issue but adds stress by interrupting the natural behavior of your body.

Think of a broken car engine that is losing power. You can press the gas pedal harder to go the same speed, but you have not fixed the engine, and forcing it to work faster might even make the problem worse!

Fortunately, your body has millions of tiny mechanics working for free, 24/7. When you target the root cause of many health issues, your body can fix it as a benefit of the natural healing process.

According to supplement experts, they recommended herbs, a plant she remembered her grandmother harvesting in the forests in Siberia. Other recommendations were home remedies and childhood stories of medical practices used by Kosmonauts to maintain a healthy energy balance. 

When sharing your story about your health, you mention a Siberian plant that your grandmother harvested during the summer. Can you give examples of other plant-based remedies around the world that you recommend to your clients?

One of my favorite herbs is Rhodiola, also called Siberian Ginseng. Known as “golden root” it is considered an energy supplement, but was used for a holistic boost to health. Another remedy my grandmother used, and that I love as well, is called Shilajit or Mummiyo in Siberia. This is a dark, sticky resin produced from the decomposition of plant matter. It is key in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used as a health supplement for millennia. It contains high levels of fulvic acid along with other minerals that reduce inflammation, improve immune function, and promote brain health.

Can you list any companies that you believe have the best supplements/remedies that align with your medical research?

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on supplements in my pursuit of a healthy body since I was diagnosed as premenopausal and with infertility at 29. I have partnered with Shaklee who has spent the last 100 years not only creating some of the highest quality supplements but also spending the money to do real scientific testing on them and their health benefits. Some of their findings are truly encouraging, especially with the latest interest in life extension and telomere length. When people stick with their supplements, they maintain DNA health on par with individuals half their age. That means, for instance, an 80-year-old could have the telomere health of a 40-year-old when optimizing their nutrition with supplements.

My partnership with Shaklee gives you access to all of their supplements, along with a range of home and beauty products that are all held to an incredibly high standard. You can access these with my discount here: https://mindoverbody.me/shaklee

Olesya Wilson

Limitless Body is going outside the medical practice norm, offering new ways to see our health. Have we all been looking at our health wrong? What can the future hold for medicine if we can heal ourselves?

What do you think other health and wellness programs are doing incorrectly?

Our understanding of health is driven by statistics and data from large groups. This means that our definition of health is largely limited by what we have observed over the last 300 years. We think of “health” as reaching the upper limits of this recorded data. I believe we are all individuals and that our true potential lies beyond the limits of our recorded data. Science has come so far in just the last 100 years.

If you are as interested as I am in history and the stories of the past, some of the newest archaeological discoveries not yet accepted by the mainstream hint at a human legacy stretching back tens of thousands of years longer than thought. Some artifacts when subjected to modern imaging reveal engineering standards we cannot duplicate even today. How many of the ancient herbs we use might actually have been farmed and bred as medicine by lost societies we have no record of today? Could old legends of gods on Earth and stories from the Bible of people easily living hundreds of years be standards of health not given a second thought long ago?

We shouldn’t limit our thinking to “healthy” but look beyond that standard and try to reach new records we currently consider impossible!

What is the future for Limitless Body, any medical solutions in regards to Covid-19?

The future of Limitless Body is really a collaborative effort with all the people who have joined me in my passion to explore the potential of our bodies. The beauty of the system is that it does not target any specific illness, but it is focused on creating natural, sustained health from an optimized body. This includes a powerful immune system that is free from fighting battles inside your body, ready to attack threats from outside.

One of my greatest joys is teaching my children, which wasn’t supposed to be possible, how to care for their own bodies with what I’ve learned. My seven-year-old daughter is already obsessed with gymnastics and one day join the Olympic games.

If you are interested in joining me and others that are exploring the true potential of their body and are interested in creating your own Limitless Body, you can schedule a consultation at:


Olesya Wilson is changing the way we see medicine. Not everything may require medicine as a solution. The mind and body are very connected, sometimes it takes the right person to provide a different angle. If you or a loved one are struggling physically and mentally there may be a creative alternative method to regain your energy and solve your medical diagnosis. To schedule an appointment to talk with Olesya Wilson click here. To join her Limitless Body Program click here. For any updates on her sessions, journey, or medical solutions, go to her Instagram

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