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CPR is an important skill that all medical professionals should know, even those without a medical degree. One nerve-wracking event brought the importance of CPR, a football game in Cincinnati where football player Damar Hamlin had a cardiac arrest on the field. Those turn of events shocked and dismayed the public, and it got much thinking of the what ifs. Many individuals should be prepared if an event such as this ever happens around them or to loved ones. Victoria Buggs is a medical professional who is changing the game with her Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists, LCC

Victoria Buggs began her nursing career in 2007 at Howard University. She has served in the military for twenty years. She has her Masters in Public Health and a Bachelor’s in Science in Health Education. She is a Certified Manager (CM) and a Delegating Nurse (DN). She launched her Center in 2015, allowing non-medical individuals to learn about CPR services and safety training. 

Victoria Buggs

Victoria Buggs began her nursing career in 2007 at Howard University. She has a Master of Public Health, a Bachelor of Nursing, and a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. She is a Certified Manager (CM) and Delegating Nurse (DN). In 2015 she launched the Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists, LLC. Victoria has taken the time to discuss her nursing journey, her medical practice advice and business tips, and the importance of CPR.

Tell us about your experience as a nurse. Were you a registered nurse in the military?

 I was not a nurse when I enlisted in the United States Army.  While serving, the Army offered a program called the Army Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP). To attend this program, one must be able to successfully complete their Bachelor of Nursing degree in two years at any college of their choice and be commissioned into the United States Army Nursing Corps. I applied to the AECP program and was selected. My college of choice was Howard University. I successfully completed my program and received my nursing license in 2009. However, I did not commit to the United States Nursing Corp. While serving in the military; I could moonlight where I worked as a nurse on a telemetry Step- Down unit, Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, NC, Telemetry, BonSecour Hospital, Baltimore, MD and now Department of Defense, Washington, Employee Assistance Program, My experience as a nurse has opened so many doors for me away from the bedside. 

Victoria has trained medical and non-medical professionals to become certified in CPR and First Aid. 

What five medical practices will you learn in the Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists, LLC?

The Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists, LLC is a premier emergency safety training center, we teach CPR and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and a host of other courses. The skills one will learn are to properly recognize and respond to an emergency in a timely manner, no one’s role and performance in a team dynamics situation, deliver competent and quality life-saving techniques, and feel confident enough to perform the skills needed to save someone’s life in a hospital environment or outside the hospital.

How important is it for people to learn CPR?

CPR is very important for everyone to learn. You never know when you will need to use it. Everyday emergency situations occur in public and in one’s household, and being able to perform CPR at any given time can sustain someone’s life. CPR saves lives.

What type of courses and hands-on practice must you complete to be a certified CPR and first aid expert?

To obtain certification to become an instructor for the American Heart Association one must take an Instructor Essential Course, take an exam, and be monitored by a training faculty conducting a CPR course. You become an expert in this field when you stay up to date on the changes in the industry and the best practices.

She got The Department of Veterans Affairs Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Certification and her Woman Owned Small Business Certification.

Victoria Buggs

What are some key tips for running a small business?

Make sure you have the following when operating a small business:

•Business Banker, Accountant, Insurance Agent, Lawyer (B.A.I.L) 

•Get a mentor in your field or a business coach

•Get out into the community and let them know your business exists

•Don’t Quit

Victoria Buggs’s Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists, LLC has brought knowledge and opportunity for those who want to learn CPR and first aid. They serve the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. She has been awarded the Maryland Hero Award and won third place with her pitch for Project Opportunity. For more information, go to the website of the Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists, LLC. For any more information and updates on Victoria Buggs, you can view her Instagram

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