CaribbeanTales Media Group’s Brand-New Comedy Series “Garvey’s Ghost”


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) CaribbeanTales Media Group Rolls into Production with Brand-New Caribbean-Canadian Comedy Web Series “GARVEY’S GHOST”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

CaribbeanTales Media Group (CTMG) is proud to announce the start of principal photography for its new and exciting comedy web series, Garvey’s Ghost. This drama and the wit-packed project is the creation of Showrunner and award-winning Director, Frances-Anne Solomon. This comedy has a plethora of other star actors such as, Degrassi’s Richard Walters playing Young Denham Jolly, The Wire’s Melanie Nicholls-King, playing Miss Violet Williams, Peter Williams as famed Black activist Harry Gairey, Valerie Buhagiar as troublesome neighbor Maria, and Jamaican King of Comedy, Owen “Blakka” Ellis, as Marcus Garvey.

Along with these actors, the series features Canadian icon and National Treasure Mary Walsh as the evil (but loveable) white woman Mrs. Murphy. Actor, writer, comedian, director, activist, and mother, Ms. Walsh is best known for creating the role of “Marg Delahunty,” a stay-at-home parent who became famous for buttonholing politicians and submitting them to satirical interviews intended to humiliate them by providing criticism and “grandmotherly” advice.

In Garvey’s Ghost, young Denham Jolly arrives in Toronto in 1955…. and rents a room in Miss Violet Williams’ boarding house. As the “Lady President” of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, Violet struggles to keep the organization afloat, ably assisted by the ghost of her mentor, the famed Black leader, Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The comedy is just one of the two CTMG projects, inspired by the 2017 Toronto Book Award-winning memoir of Denham Jolly, that will go to camera this year, the second being IN THE BLACK. CTMG continues to create and produce Black and culturally diverse film and television content for all those interested in the rich culture embedded within previously neglected communities.

“I trust Frances-Anne Solomon to tell my story with honesty, integrity and the directional creativity she always brings to every project that she touches.” said Denham Jolly

CTMG Productions has made its name in Canada and abroad as a producer of high-quality and entertaining film and television content for, by and about, Blacks and People of Colour. These include the sitcom Lord Have Mercy (2004), feature films A Winter Tale (2008), Kingston Paradise (2013), HERO: The Extraordinary Life of Mr. Ulric Cross (2019), and many more. As Garvey’s Ghost joins this list of accomplishments CTMG Productions have cultivated, they continue to rise to great heights, bringing entertainment to the Black community. The company reaches beyond stereotypes to bring fun and exciting shows and movies to display the true values that are taught through both Black and Brown cultures.

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