Butta-B-Rocka Drops New R&B Track “Time Stands Still”


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Madesen Amadeo

Butta-B-Rocka is a multifaceted artist, your one-stop shop! Butta B-Rocka’s career consists of many creative aspects. She is an international recording artist, songwriter, film director, film producer, screenwriter, actress, model, and bestselling author! With an extremely versatile music style that blends many elements of nostalgic R&B, pop, rock, gospel, country, and rap. With her outgoing and energetic personality shining through her performances and music, her ultimate goal has always been to spread positive vibes while sharing heartfelt emotions and personal experiences through her craft.

Butta is celebrating her roots with a fresh new song dripping with soul, “Times Stands Still,” which debuted on February 13th. Written by Butta, and expertly produced by Team MFN, capturing Butta’s voice and all of its hypnotizing power. “Time Stands Still” embodies the authentic essence and tonality of R&B, and her soulfully raw voice serenades a listener’s soul in beautiful ways. The intimate lyrics over the luxurious instrumentation are something close to paradise. On April 2nd, Butta debuted as Executive Producer, Director, and Screenwriter for her first romantic comedy feature film “Finding the Perfect Guy.”

ENSPIRE got to know more about the multi-talented artist Butta-B-Rocka.

Where do your sense of style and aesthetic of style come from? 

My sense of style and aesthetics come from a combination of personal preferences, cultural influences, and my interactions with the world around me. I’m inspired by fashion trends, magazines, music, art, and my environment. I also draw inspiration from my travels and my own creative ideas.

What gives you the motivation to be an entrepreneur?

My motivation to be an entrepreneur is driven by my passion for creating new ideas and solutions to problems, my drive to make an impact in the world, and my desire to achieve financial freedom. I also find great satisfaction in taking risks and pushing myself to succeed.

What does your career mean to you? 

My career means a lot to me. It’s a way for me to use my knowledge, skills, and passions to make a difference in the world. It gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It also allows me to provide for myself and my family. I’m in a field (Music and Films) doing what I love to do. 

What is your favorite aspect of your career as an entrepreneur and artist? 

My favorite aspect of my career as an entrepreneur and artist is the freedom to create and explore different paths and opportunities. I’m able to take risks and experiment with ideas without worrying about the expectations of others. I’m also able to connect with people in various industries and build relationships that are mutually beneficial. 

What does “Time Stands Still” mean to you? 

Time Stands Still is very near and dear to me, it is a tribute to my husband! It’s my way of expressing how I feel every time I’m with him. For so long after my first divorce I was closed off to love, and I had my guard up. I wasn’t looking for love but love found me. My single is also currently charting at #55 on the charts so it means a lot that my song is being well-received by the world. 

Butta-B-Rocka has redefined the term “versatility” by showcasing her vocals and various creative talents. She has since never failed to captivate any audience she sings to with her unique sonic character. Butta is continuing to grow as an artist by expanding her creative horizons constantly. Including her new RomCom film “Finding the Perfect Guy.” For more information, visit Buttabrocka.com and make sure to follow Butta on Instagram @buttabrocka.

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