Queer Rapper Jay Americana Releases New EP


( ENSPIRE Music ) Listen to the New EP that Embraces New York City’s Nightlife

ENSPIRE Contributor: Joei Chan

Jay Americana (he/they), an Atlanta-based recording artist, has just released his newest EP following the premiere with UK’s Wonderland Magazine. Titled “555”, 26-year-old Americana brings elements of different types of genres into his music like alternative hip-hop, dance beats, and even queer culture, along with taking in the vibrancy of New York City’s nightlife as inspiration. Not just that, but an exploration of identity and culture is also present within this EP. Americana has truly created a discography like no other, embracing queerness and sombre reflection.

“‘555’ explores nightlife from the parties, the moments of intimacy, all the way to the hangover. I wanted to explore every emotion from that perspective. With musical influences from drum and bass, house, and more, this EP is the definition of ‘crying in the club,’” says Jay Americana.

The EP will have five tracks, all geared towards bringing the listener on a different journey. From paying tribute to lost friends of drug addiction to pondering the question of mortality, this EP truly will be a hit to fans of all genres, as there is a unique mix of multiple musical styles. Producers Slippy Blu, Intro Webz, malli, and Vahi have all contributed to the creation of this album.

Americana has been featured in many playlists such as Audiomack’s FreshPicks and Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Hip-Hop, Fresh Finds: Rock, and Work It, Own It. Alongside that, he has also been featured in publications like Elevator Mag, A1234, and the Georgia Voice. With over 90k total streams, there is no doubt that Americana will be the new queer rapper to watch.

Tracklist of “555”:


Lucky Strike



Last Call

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