“Mind Your Business, Brother” Hosted for Black Men’s Mental Health


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Mind Your Business, Brother Black Men’s Mental Health Awareness Event In Celebration of Black History Month

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

As part of the Black History Month Celebration initiatives, Pray for the Men Global (a division of Solid Rock Family Services) hosted a virtual mental health awareness event, “Mind Your Business, Brother”, on February 23, 2023, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Solid Rock Family Services is a family services and child welfare organization offering holistic programs including counseling, coaching, training, and mentorship programs that help educate, heal, and transform individuals and their families. “Pray for the Men Global”, is a social activist organization providing men with the support, tools, and resources to address many challenges in society today. This special virtual event had community leaders and professionals, seasoned in mental health-related matters, address issues to increase the level of awareness, especially amongst black men.

Speakers and presenters included the Event Host/Founder of Pray For The Men Global and Executive Director for Solid Rock Family Services, Moy Fung; Community Advocate, International Speaker & Expert Moderator, Anton James; Minister and Businessman, Sam Tita; Multi-Award-Winning Spoken Word Artist & Motivational speaker, Dwayne Morgan; International Speaker & Coach, Danny Stone; Mental Health Professional & Communication Specialist, Andrew Blackwood; Author, Jelani Daniel; and Entrepreneur, Jeof Bollers.

Solid Rock Family Services (SRFS) is a non-profit family service and child welfare organization that offers holistic counseling, coaching, training, and mentorship services, and programs that help to Educate, Heal and Transform individuals and families within their communities. By partnering with School boards, Children’s Aid, and other Social Service agencies, they provide proactive and responsive solutions and resources to help the most vulnerable children, youth, and families through advocacy/early intervention/prevention support, overcoming personal and systemic barriers, elevation mental, emotional, economic wellness, and restoring the family structure, to ultimately position individuals and families for success.

Solid Rock Family Services are dedicated to bringing the best services they can to everyone. The programs offer these services to all marginalized communities who may not get these essential services any other way. By spreading awareness through these events and many others, we can bring relief and recovery to those who are in need. ENSPIRE will continue promoting groups that are as dedicated to serving their communities as the Solid Rock Family Services are to strive toward a world where no one lacks the care they deserve.

To find out more about Solid Rock Family Services, check out their website, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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