Cookies Founder Berner Teams Up With Desto Dubb on Exclusive Drop


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) Streetwear Brands “That’s a Awful Lot of Cough Syrup” and “Cookies” Announce Collab on First Limited Collection

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

The exclusive collaboration between the acclaimed streetwear clothing brands That’s A Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup and Cookies brings a limited arrival of new merch this spring, sold at select stores across California and online. After years of planning, founders Desto Dubb and Berner teamed up to influence the landscape of urban culture and fashion their way.

The limited edition of That’s A Awful Lot Of Cookies cultivates an iconic part of urban culture today. With its unique blend of west coast style, comfort, and attitude, the limited drop includes custom designs inspired by the millionaire entrepreneurs Desto Dubb and Berner. The exclusive drop officially kicked off on Saturday, April 8, with a special pop-up event from 12 – 2 pm at the Cookies store on Melrose Blvd (8360 Melrose Ave).

Cookies SF is the brainchild of Bay Area recording artist and entrepreneur Berner. Cookies SF was first featured in Berner’s 2011 “Yoko” music video, featuring Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Big Krit. Since its inception as a grassroots expression of creativity, Cookies SF has grown from a small mom-and-pop Bay Area brand cultivated in the streets of San Francisco to an internationally recognized underground player within the world of fashion, sports, and music.

From selling clothes out of his van in a parking lot in downtown Los Angeles to running three successful store locations, Desto Dubb is a young business mogul revolutionizing the identity of Black culture in fashion through the popular cough syrup collection. Many may recognize him from the viral video capturing his encounter with the police and the infamous officer’s statement, “That’s a awful lot of cough syrup,” which mobilized the cough syrup brand seen and worn by Hip Hop enthusiasts and celebrities across the world.

These two companies are joining together to bring exclusive drops to their loyal fans. They combine the worlds of sports, music, and Black culture through fashion. This line of high-quality clothing expresses not only west coast culture but also Black culture. Through their individual efforts, Berner and Dubb built up their brands and now, the two brands continue to prosper and expand starting with collaborations such as this one.

To find out more about these brands, be sure to check out Desto Dubbs’s Instagram and website, That’s A Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup as well as Berner’s Instagram and website, Cookies.

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