EMERGE In Color Is Changing The Narrative With Black-Owned Brands/Designers


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) Beverly Center’s EMERGE in Color Announcement is Building An Audience for Black-Owned Fashion

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Beverly Center announced the EMERGE in Color launch, a boutique retail experience that showcases Black designs and Black-owned brands. From June 17 to July 23 you can shop fashion and beauty products on Level 7!

This event was curated by Maison Black and The Black Fashion Movement. EMERGE In Color will exclusively sell products created by Black designers and Black-owned fashion. Beauty and lifestyle brands from across the country are on display and ready to try on. Nearly 50 designers and brands representing fashion, beauty, eyewear, home goods, and more will be showcased.


EMERGE in Color was conceived by Lori MCGhee-Curtis. She is the Taubman VP of Specialty Leasing. Curtis is improving retail opportunities for Black businesses.

“My dream with EMERGE in Color was to bring together the highest caliber of established and emerging Black designers and Black-owned brands to help them reach new levels of success within brick-and-mortar retail,” said Curtis.

“In doing so, we are not only bringing their brands to life in the physical space, we are also providing our customers with exceptional merchandise that can’t be found at any other location in the LA market.”


Maison Black’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer Tori Nichel has contributed to the creation of EMERGE In Color.

“Our shared vision is to create luxury retail experiences for Black Designers and Black-owned brands to create economic opportunities and long-term sustainability in an industry where they have often been overlooked and underrepresented,” said Tori Nichel.

The Black Fashion Movement’s CEO and Founder Frenchye Marie Harris is another force of nature in this project.

“The unavailability of Black-owned brands and products that serve the African-American community is profoundly impacting the African-American path to purchase,” noted Harris.

Both women bring more than 20 years of experience in design, luxury retail merchandising, marketing, and public relations to their curation of EMERGE In Color.

With 1.7 trillion dollars of Black spending power in the U.S., less than 10% of fashion and accessory brands are Black-owned and less than 1% of Black-owned brands are carried in. 

We asked the following questions to get an insight into how this entire process was done.

Was there a selection process before creating EMERGE in Color?

“Tori Nichel and Frenchye Harris tapped their network of designers to aid in the selection process. They organized the collective of designers and brands being sold at the EMERGE In Color store. They also had a discovery period where they were able to meet and onboard new designers and brands.”

If so, what kind of potential or style did you see from each of these brands and designers that catered to your vision?

“The style and aesthetic we focus on is the advanced contemporary/ luxury market. Since the store launch is LA we wanted to ensure stylish luxe with a relaxed ease to the styles.”


Maison Black has curated a summer opportunity for these designers and black voices of fashion brands. Curious about what designers will showcase their work? View on Maison Black shopping site to catch a glimpse of the rising fashion stars of EMERGE in Color.

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