Spectacular INHERENT Men’s Fashion Show with Mental Health Mission

Photos by Tony Ware

( ENSPIRE Fashion ) INHERENT has a Mission to De-stigmatize Men’s Emotional Expression through Fashion

ENSPIRE Contributor: Cailin Tennis

New York Fashion Week is always an exciting time to discover new and upcoming trends in fashion. This week allows everyone to get a glimpse into the incredibly creative and powerful minds that drive modern fashion. One of these great minds is that of Taylor Draper, the designer behind the INHERENT Fashion Show held on February 14th at the Manhattan Manor on West 52nd Street. This show highlighted his new line titled INHERENT, which holds unisex designs meant to empower men to freely speak their emotions in advocacy of their mental health.

Draper was inspired by his own mental health struggles to create and promote this line of designs. Before any of the models walked, the purpose statement for the show was read aloud to the room, packed wall to wall with supporters and media. It read, “This is a mission to awaken the inherent confidence a man feels when he is looking his best, so he is equipped to take on everyday life and confidently talk about what he is feeling. This is INHERENT.” They are mainly men’s designs, but some are unisex designs, featuring both male and female models walking the runway.

Photos by Tony Ware

The designs were layer based and gave a very sophisticated, yet sporty look. Jackets were the outer layer of most of the sets, varying from fuzzy sherpa coats to silky plaid blazers, to classic wool jackets. These features gave off a strong sense of warmth, representing the emotional embrace of our authentic selves that this line encourages. This is evoked even more through the accessory textures, including cashmere, fleece, and tweed.

Draper’s designs strike the perfect balance between timelessness and creative personal expression. His base pallet relies on earthy tones which evoke comfort and masculinity, with bold pops of color gracefully integrated. For example, a saffron yellow scarf or an apricot tee-shirt base layer. These color contrasts inspire authentic and vulnerable self-expression.

Photos by Tony Ware

ENSPIRE’s coverage of the event gives readers an exclusive view into the VIP runway launch in order to promote the show’s groundbreaking vision. Draper reiterates his passion for the cause by saying, “I realized throughout my mental health journey that caring for myself and my appearance gave me the self-confidence and self-esteem I needed and this story is sewn into every piece.” The streetwear-inspired Fall Winter 2023 Collection was extremely well received by all multi-media channels, given its community-driven purpose and chic presentation.

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