Bolanle Ninalowo, the Best of Nollywood, Coming For Hollywood


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Jackson Agency Signs Star of Netflix’s “Far From Home” as Ninalowo Sets His Sights on American Cinema

ENSPIRE Contributor: Daniel Garritson

Bolanle Ninalowo is a Nigerian actor who has been both nominated for and won multiple “Best of Nollywood” awards for his roles in various films. Some of his selected filmography includes “Coming from Insanity” (2019), “Tiwa’s Baggage” (2017), and “13 Letters” (2021). He has also worked in television and as a producer. 

The Jackson Agency recently announced the signing of Ninalowo, who also stars in Netflix’s first Nigerian YA series, “Far From Home”. The show debuted as the number one show in Africa and follows the story of Ishaya, a charismatic teenager and talented artist from a poor family whose dreams suddenly appear within reach when a prestigious scholarship to the most exclusive school in the country catapults him into the affluent world of Nigeria’s elite. In the five-part series, Ninalowo plays the resident bad guy Oga Rambo. 

Founded in 2014 after seeing a need for underrepresented artists to be given a voice through proper representation. The Jackson Agency is a grassroots Agency fighting for equitable opportunities in entertainment. The Jackson Agency is ATA-AFTRA, WGA, and DGA franchised. Ninalowo was specifically signed by talent agent Tiauna Jackson. Creating a disruptive underdog culture, Hollywood Talent Agent Tiauna Jackson has opened doors for many emerging artists. Known for her straightforward style and historic election to the Association of Talent Agents Board of Directors, Jackson has been featured in the New York Times and Essence Magazine, with appearances on Fox Soul, TMZ, and The Black News Channel.

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