Popular Artist Melvin Crispell III Held Private Sessions


( ENSPIRE Music ) Melvin Crispell III Invited Guests to a Private Listening Session For His New Project “No Failure”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

The Grammy Nominated, #1 Hit Artist Melvin Crispell III sent private invites to various public outlets to unveil his ambitious new project. The VIP sessions took place on June 20th of this year from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm inside the BMI NY Office. His upcoming “No Failure” album has already released two singles, “Alright” and “God Is” which have been a sneak peek at what Crispell is capable of. His second-ever album is on its way to becoming an enormous hit for his musical career.

Melvin Crispell’s interest and talent for music didn’t appear out of nowhere. His father, Melvin Crispell Jr. was a well-known musician responsible for many award-winning songs. His mother, Tunesha Crispell was an incredible gospel singer who played a role in many known choir recordings. Both of them built a successful and proud musical legacy for their son to continue.

The music career that Melvin Crispell III built for himself is partly to continue the legacy of his parents. Through his relationship with God and music, he could overcome his grief and take strong steps toward success. Using his talented voice to create his legacy, Crispell won Season 9 of BET’s Sunday Best in 2019. It was after his first major win Crispell released his first-ever album titled “I’ve Got A Testimony” which was released in 2020.

Crispell’s music is a magnificent symphony performed by his soothing and talented vocal performance. All of his songs are strongly related to God ‌and are meant to inspire feelings of hope and forgiveness. Most times, he plays with a choir backing up his vocals and creating an outstanding feeling of togetherness. All of this is expressed in his newest upcoming music as well, including the album “No Failure”.

Melvin Crispell III is a very motivational artist who can perform like no other. His talent continues to impress as his musical career grows endlessly. The determination that he showcases is truly inspirational to all the people who watch him and he will continue to influence the music industry for many years to come.

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