Dan Rose, New and Talented Indie Music Artist


( ENSPIRE Music ) Through the Power of Music, Dan Rose Fights for Unity Against the Threat of Climate Change

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

Dan Rose is a talented songwriter and artist who has performed in over ten different countries. His anticipated new solo “No Music On A Dead Planet” is releasing in June, as part of an upcoming album “This House Is On Fire.” The album will be full of exciting songs on release full of heart and authenticity. The purpose of his music is to unify people together in peace.

Rose believes that music can heal, and he wants to use his song to do just that. Dan Rose’s song is a poetic symphony of togetherness against the harsh challenge of ecological crisis. He uses his acoustic guitar with love and care to make a beautiful rhythm. Rose also believes in authenticity above all else, speaking the truth and using no auto-tune in his music. A musician of strong passion like few others.

Dan Rose never grew up with music or had a natural gift for it. He’s a very raw and unschooled musician who grabbed a punk-ish DIY style to make music. “I started to write songs before I could play a single guitar chord, or even had a guitar, and I definitely couldn’t sing.” But Rose practiced a lot, and eventually fit into the role of an indie artist. “I’m still very much a kind of anti-mainstream artist, thriving in the indie underground where I’m free to sound like what I want and write songs about what I want without having to depend on streaming numbers or trends.

Many artists and bands who inspired him influenced Rose’s music career. “When I started, the old punk movement inspired me with Sex Pistols and the 90s political rock from my all-time favorite band Manic Street Preachers.” They inspired him to express his ideas and thoughts in music and to do it no matter what anyone else thinks. “An entire world opened up for me then. Bob Dylan represents some of that to me, he just kept going and writing the songs he wanted to write and sound the way he wanted to sound; Springsteen too.” Most of Rose’s inspirations aren’t around anymore, but he still finds a lot of cool folk-punk bands out there who are still killing it. “That’s amazing to me and gives me that feeling like anything is possible.”

Climate change is what Rose writes about because that’s what matters to him. “There’s no difference between the person I am and who I am in my songs, and that can be kind of scary.” Songs are written to tell stories, imagine characters, and come up with something catchy or trendy. Rose has slowly drifted into the kind of songwriting of total honesty and he doesn’t have any distance between the content of his songs and the things he says in real life. “My motivation for this album I’m releasing this year is founded in being unafraid of what anyone will think of me as a person or a musician.” Rose believes in standing for his beliefs instead of hiding behind songs about stuff that gets played on the radio or the hottest playlists.

The goal of Rose’s song is to reach out to those in fear of the climate issue and to assure them they are not alone. “I want people to feel that it is okay to be worried and that it’s okay to talk about and not belittle it. You don’t have to hide behind a facade of not-giving-a fuck or be afraid to engage in conversation for fear of being laughed at.” But Rose has hope that people can turn things around as long as people don’t silence the conversation. “I hope at the very least that people feel that here’s a songwriter and artist that proves you don’t have to be like everybody else.”

Rose hopes that his song will remind people that climate action is needed now and that the fight can’t stop. “I want people to acknowledge that it’s not just a trending topic or some kind of youth hysteria. Science tells us that we need to act now.” The song is meant to build a stronger common understanding that things need to change, and Rose has hope that it’s not too late for our beautiful planet.

Making the song “No Music On A Dead Planet” was a very long and arduous task for Dan Rose. “My song could have been much longer, I had to edit it down and figure out which way I wanted it to go.” The lyrics of the song are semi-poetic and have a looser narrative than most of the other songs in Rose’s upcoming album, so there were more creative choices about each part following the next. Rose made it a goal to add some depth and mystery to his otherwise stripped-down approach to just playing guitar and singing. “When you listen to it, in headphones especially, I hope that the listener over time finds new layers on repeated listens. It was a challenge to do that and also keep it very lo-fi and raw. Honestly, I’m very proud of how closely it turned out to be compared to what I wanted to do.”

Rose has many plans for the future, including his release of a very lo-fi and DIY album with songs about the climate emergency and hopes for a sustainable future with a minimalist approach to modern life. Also, his website has opened up for pre-orders of a very special cassette version of that album along with some very unique pieces of merchandise. “It’s all very indie and artistic in a lowkey manner, which suits me perfectly. I’m so excited to share it.” Rose plans to keep playing live shows wherever he is welcome, sharing his songs and stories while meeting new people. “If you’re reading this, let me know where you think I should visit, let’s make it happen!”

Dan Rose is a man of strong persistence and determination. His skill came with practice, and his craft came with hard work. The song “No Music On A Dead Planet” is a fight for unity against a common issue, and Rose wants to help fight it. He holds a lot of passion for his goal and wants to help unite people as much as he can. His music is a true inspiration to other young musicians who want to change the world.

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