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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Co-Founder Denise Myhand created the “So Amazing! Black Culture” (SABC) book series. This brand is amplifying Black culture and achievements through words, Black voices, and important historical figures. Denise Myhand is an Arizona native who is a two-time graduate of Alabama A&M University, earning her Bachelor’s. She earned her MBA at HBCU and is the creative behind the word search series. SABC has 6 books that highlight well-known and little-known facts and accomplishments of Blacks. There is a way to make Black education fun and memorable by using this creative sense of humor to make Black culture so special. 

Myhand has a new edition coming out all about women. Get ready to learn about historical Black women and current women of today who have contributed and made an impact in our society. This series will leave its mark on the world and educate Blacks and other racially diverse individuals. We interviewed Denise Myhand and discussed the creation of this series, new future editions, and the benefits of reading and education through the “So Amazing! Black Culture”.

Denise Myhand

When did the idea to create this book series come to light?

I have always been very into our community. I have also always considered myself to be a lifelong learner. Anybody who knows me knows I always have tons of ideas. I consider the idea for the series to be a natural extension of me and my interests.

The SABC word search series is a culmination of all these things along with the timing of the pandemic. With the pandemic, I had time to flush out the idea and really put things into motion. My husband Jay was busy with his photography business and I really wanted something I could do on my own.

Initially, I was not sure if this was just a hobby or a business, but I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. I could see this fulfilling a need for myself and others because there is not a lot of content relevant to Black Culture in the word search space. From here, the So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search Series was born.

What do you hope audiences will gain by reading this series? 

We hope people are inspired, empowered, informed, and entertained. We really want to emphasize the “entertained” part. There are some really fun puzzles and categories. So many contributions are made by Black Culture that are noteworthy and deserve celebration. This is a feel-good space.

Will there be more editions of So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search Books and will there be more books with Black women figures? 

Most definitely! We are always exploring new ideas for new content. As Black women continue to push forward, innovate and ascend to greater heights in all areas of life and society, we will continue to highlight them in our word search books. When the next Michelle Obama, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Chole Bailey, Simone Biles, or Amanda Gorman pops up, somebody needs to give them their flowers. 

Besides the SABC series, are there any other products or information you sell on your website?

Along with our word search books we also sell journals. Our featured journal is the Entrepreneur’s Workbook. This particular journal has prompts that walk you through creating goals, a budget, and a social media plan for your business. There are also prompts to help you create a business canvas for your business. I think this journal is an awesome resource for entrepreneurs who are just getting started as well as entrepreneurs who are trying to organize and grow their businesses. 

We are also launching Reflections: The Du Bois Project. During the 1900 World’s Fair held in Paris, W.E.B Du Bois played a big role in representing African-Americans and shedding light on their experiences through a groundbreaking exhibition called “The Exhibit of American Negroes.” Du Bois challenged stereotypes and misconceptions about African-Americans with the exhibit by featuring photographs, charts, and other visual materials to provide a nuanced perspective on African-American achievements, culture, and progress since the abolition of slavery. In honor of W.E.B Du Bois, we will use Reflections as a way to celebrate the coolness, creativity, heart, soul, and achievements of Black Culture through art.

So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search: Trailblazing Women Edition

SABC seems to focus on educating its audiences on Black culture and more. Do you believe this series can benefit young minds from all walks of life and schools?

In my Whintey Houston voice, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” Yes and Yes this series can benefit young minds from all walks of life including schools. 

With so many books being removed from schools and libraries it is important to ensure children have access to books that help them understand true history and connect to different cultures. Our word search books aren’t just for people in the Black community. They are for everyone. Everyone can use our word search books to learn about Black Culture and many of its awesome people, important accomplishments, and amazing contributions.

“So Amazing Black Culture” is a series that everyone should carry. It’s time we educate ourselves on the culture and the impact it has on the United States and even the rest of the world. Interested in purchasing the So Amazing Black Culture Series? You can go to Instagram or TikTok to find updates. Visit to purchase their books and journals today.

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