ASD Advocate Tracy Slepcevic Changes Parents’ Lives with Her Book ‘Warrior Mom’


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) An Air Force Veteran, Speaker, And Founder Of PUR Health Program

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Tracy Slepcevic is changing the lives of children, and families who have been impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is the author of the book Warrior Mom: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Her Son with Autism. Her son, Noah, got diagnosed with ASD at three years old. She has poured fourteen years of research and expertise into various treatments and therapies for ASD. When doctors gave the diagnosis, they believed it was an ‘incurable diagnosis’, Tracy Slepcevic sees it as an opportunity to improve the quality of life for her son. “A child’s potential is not limited by an autism diagnosis. Some children can lead a fully functional life given the proper can and direction,” she comments. ASD may have some hardships, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to accommodate and create a wonderful life for someone. Her book offers advice, and a blueprint based on her own journey as a mother. Her goal is to be a call to action for parents to feel inspired, and empowered and has their children thrive.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. praised the book as “An inspiring testimony to the miraculous power of maternal love.” Tracy Slepcevic is all that and more. Tracy is an author and parent advocate, US Air Force Veteran, and Certified Integrative Health Coach. She is a sought-after speaker who advocates not only for ASD individuals but encourages a healthier balance and lifestyle. Tracy is the founder of PUR Health, LLC a company that informs people about the impacts that dietary and lifestyle choices can impact your happiness and life fulfillment.

We spoke to interview Tracy Slepcevic about her book and writing process for Warrior Mom, her ASD research, her Air Force Service, her PUR Health Program, and how all these impact her life and career.

Warrior Mom has inspired and given parents, caregivers, and medical practitioners hope for better fulfilling lives for children with ASD; what is your ongoing message to those who have read this book? 

Continue to educate yourself and have faith that an individual with autism can live a full and healthy life without limitations. 

What was your writing process like for writing Warrior Mom? 

Writing my story was an emotional process that brought back many feelings and memories. I laughed, I cried, and sometimes, it surfaced a lot of anger. It was an emotional roller coaster, but it was cathartic at the same time. I spent months researching to ensure that all the information in my book was backed up with facts. I struggled with laying out the contents of my book so I could give my readers the best roadmap while empowering them to go the distance. I took some online classes on “how to write a book” and hired a literary coach to guide me; this resulted in me writing my book in three parts. Editing took several months, but I feel that proper editing is an important part of the journey. Overall, the whole experience was spiritual for me, and when I was complete, I felt a sense of accomplishment.

You’ve said that “Autism is not a hopeless diagnosis.” Why do you think some parents or doctors see it that way? 

For parents, I feel this is what they are led to believe by doctors and professionals. At one time, that was me until God brought some amazing angels into my life to direct me on a path to healing my son, so I jumped at the opportunity. For doctors, I feel this is how they are trained and programmed in medical school; to think and act a certain way based on what they have learned in medical school. I remember fighting against the mandates at the state capital alongside other parents and medical professionals frequently. Most parents, family members, and educators were in the line to oppose the bill, but in the other line were all the medical students in favor of the bill. As I would approach them and ask “why” they were there, they looked lost and confused, not really knowing how to respond… this is programming at its finest.

What are some goals you hope to accomplish to turn that mindset around? 

I poured my heart and soul into providing my readers with inspiration, hope, knowledge, and guidance in my book Warrior Mom from a complete space of love and concern for each individual’s well-being with the intention that they won’t have to go through the trials and tribulations that I did to find answers to their questions. My goal is to inspire them to look beyond traditional medicine and address those underlying conditions that plague our autism community (and ourselves) so they can live the healthiest life possible. 

Explain briefly about your fourteen years of dedicated research regarding ASD and what you’ve learned. Were there any challenges and questions you’ve had throughout this journey?

 Where do I even begin? During these past fourteen years, I have read many books, attended conferences and parent meetings, worked with amazing doctors and scientists, and returned to school to educate myself in the field of alternative medicine. If I learned of a new therapy or treatment benefiting children with autism, I dug deep into research and questioned my doctor on the benefits and safety of these treatments. At times during my journey, I faced many challenges and disappointments, but I kept going. If one thing didn’t work, I moved on to the other. But most importantly, I never lost sight of my ultimate goal: to make sure that my son lived a healthy and fully functioning life with endless possibilities for the future. I believe I have accomplished this goal.

I commend your Air Force service for the United States, has this experience given you any influence on writing Warrior Mom, helping Noah, and beginning your extensive research? 

If I learned anything from my Air Force career was the strength and courage it took to stay positive and never surrender when times were tough. And if you read the chapter in my book “When it Rains, It Pours,” you will understand what I mean.

Your company PUR Health, LLC, has provided important information on diet and lifestyle choices. Can you give us a walkthrough on how your program works and what everyone can hope to achieve? 

I coach individuals from all walks of life who come to me with a variety of health issues. Before moving forward, I take a health history to see their mental, physical, and emotional health. This gives me an idea of what type of plan to write out. I typically ask them to have basic (sometimes extensive) lab work done by their doctor before beginning so I can assess where some of their health issues may be coming from. I give them the support and guidance necessary to guarantee their success; as long as they do the work. I educate them on the importance of eating healthy, real food while eliminating processed and packaged garbage. The possibilities are endless if they follow the steps laid out for them and work hard to achieve their goals. 

What are some ways that children with ASD can live fulfilling lives? Based on your own experience, what has given Noah the great opportunities he has today? 

Diet is the #1 key to addressing most health issues, bringing us the most success. Unfortunately, not every child responds to biomedical intervention as my son did, so I don’t guarantee anything. What I tell parents is… if they set a clear intention to heal their child, do the work, and leave the rest up to God, anything is possible. Regardless, we are all on our own beautiful journey in this life, and there are no accidents. I know that God put Noah in my life to give me purpose, and he is “by far” my greatest teacher. Even as my son approaches adulthood, I am constantly reminded of what I continue to learn from him. Was this journey difficult… absolutely! But it has been my greatest blessing.

You are an advocate for children with ASD worldwide, a warrior mother, a veteran, a bestselling author, and a company founder. What are the challenges and rewards of being a well-rounded individual who is impacting so many lives in such a positive direction? 

My only challenges are time management and finding the time to do everything I want to accomplish. There are so many rewards, such as the joy of assisting others, giving parents hope, and making the journey easier for families impacted by autism. This is just a small list of the rewards. I consider myself an empath, and it is in my nature to give and heal others, so I know I am on the perfect path. 

“Autism is not a hopeless diagnosis,” Tracy Slepcevic has found ways for parents and children to have hope and confidence. The journey may be daunting but people who have ASD are unique individuals who are able to have fulfilling lives. Warrior Mom: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Her Son with Autism has released their paperback edition on April 2023. For more information about the book and how to purchase a copy, please review her Instagram or Facebook. Check out her website to learn more about ASD and view her Blog. To learn more about her Health Coaching practices go to PUR Health.

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