Laura von Mari Releases New Single “Forevermore”

Laura von Mari

( ENSPIRE Music ) LA-Based Artist, Laura von Mari, Releases Her Newest Single “Forevermore”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

On August 4th, LA-based indie-pop artist Laura von Mari will release her vibrant new single “Forevermore.” While written and produced entirely by Laura, she also collaborated with engineer Greg Ogan (Britney Spears, Sean Kingston, Rihanna) to bring a retro feel to the track’s production that is reminiscent of old-school Justin Timberlake. Despite its lyrics giving the impression that it is about a romantic partner, the song is actually about someone who she loved like a role model. “Forevermore” is the title track from Laura von Mari’s forthcoming EP Forevermore, which is due to release on September 8th. The song follows the previously released and infectious lead single “F**k You” as well as the groovy single “Different Road.”

“’ Forevermore’ is about someone who let me down when I trusted them and made me feel small. She was older and pretty and feminine and all the things I was jealous of,” said Laura. “I hope it empowers listeners to revisit times when they felt powerless with a newfound sense of strength. Sometimes we owe it to ourselves to condemn those who betrayed, hurt, or belittled us when we were vulnerable.” ‘Forevermore sees Laura fuse indie, electro, soul, and pop to create infectious tracks sure to soundtrack your summer 2023 and beyond. With this new music, Laura hopes fans old and new will feel more. That more-ish feeling you get when you’ve heard something catchy, compelling, tasteful, and hypnotic ear-candy. That indescribable feeling that has you pressing rewind over and over again.

Laura von Mari

For Laura “von Mari” Shapiro, music was always not just a hobby, but a way of life. With a classical pianist for a father, some artists who defined her love for music at an early age are atypical of your average Zillennial. People such as Debussy taught her to start all songs with compelling melody and harmony. Steely Dan inspired her to infuse elements of jazz theory into song creation. Britney Spears instilled a love of rhythm, texture, and production within her. This eclectic mix of influences has molded Laura von Mari into the genre-busting artist she is today.

As a result of this upbringing, Shapiro decided to study Popular Music at Goldsmiths College within the University of London. Moving from Chicago to the U.K. was a huge risk for someone pursuing a career with no guarantee of success, but it ultimately paid off as she could work with some of the great producers within the modern London music industry. During this period, Laura studied dance and electronic music under Grammy-winning producers such as Riton (Henry Smithson), who has worked with Mark RonsonDiplo, and The Chemical Brothers as well as Alex Metric, who has produced for acts like AviciiCharli XCX, and Snow Patrol. Finally, after releasing several projects under the name Kirsi, including an eponymous dance EP released in 2019 as part of her university coursework, Shapiro is finally ready to share her sophomore EP with the world.

Listen to her newest single, “Forevermore,” here!

To learn more about Laura, be sure to check out her Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube.

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