Dee & Co. Group Partnered with Google for Glambition 2018 Beauty Night Out!


( ENSPIRE Community ) Dee & Co. Group Partnered with Google for Glambition 2018 Beauty Night Out! What is Glambition? is an organization created to cultivate more women leaders in the world of business. Founded by Dee Rivera, it started two years ago and has grown to already be a viable platform for women in business. This year, the focus is on the Beauty Industry and everything Beauty! Glambition 2018 took place at Google headquarters in New York City on January 20th. I had the pleasure of attending Glambition Beauty Night Out 2018 hosted by Google and Dee & Co Group. It was a full day of networking, panel discussions, and workshops. Bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs and beauty industry elite came together to learn, collaborate or just catch up. There was a great energy as soon as you walked in and you felt you were meant to be there. The first workshop was an introduction to digital marketing and ad words with Google coaches Aisha Taylor and Angelina Darrasaw. For the entrepreneurs and business owners, they gave very important information to make potential customers know about your business using Google resources.                 Related Article: Dee Rivera of Dee & Co. Group Talks Business, Media, Politics, and Puerto Rico One of the workshops were included 5 CEO’s sharing their tips and giving advice from their respective business experiences. These women included moderator Danielle James, Style & Beauty Editor at Hello Beautiful and Founder of Model Citizen and panelists Kim Baker, CEO of Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics and Celebrity Makeup Artist Beauty Expert, Jane Carter, CEO of Jane Carter Solutions, Vera Moore, CEO, Vera Moore Cosmetics, Skin Care & Cosmetic Mogul and Sarah Perez-Jarret, CEO, Salud by Dr. Rigo. With all the combined years of experience in the beauty industry, these women were overflowing with motivation and encouragement on how others can make money:

  • Making sure your product has a need. Are others looking for what you have to offer?
  • Utilize your own experience in your industry, others may be going through what you went through and that can help them.
  • Supporting each other goes a long way in business. There is nothing wrong with sharing.
  • Know your strengths and know when to ask for help.
  • Funding does not come from the sky. You may have to work, save to invest in yourself and create a financial plan.
The remaining panels gave the audience insight into different areas of the beauty business and brand building. Attendees were gifted gems by more guest speakers who included Rommy Pennela, Executive Director, Founder of NYC Cosmetology Chamber of Commerce, Editor-In-Chief of Bella Magazine  Courtenay Hall, Dana Hill, CEO of COCOTIQUEand Roland Storti, Founder MINFO. The diversity of information applied to the diversity of roles, responsibilities, and of women who attended Glambition. To try to sum up all the information does this event no justice, you really had to be there. Attendees were treated to Plush Vodka specialty drinks, desserts by Honor thy Sweets, delicious finger foods and had fun taking pictures at the photo booth by Miles for Smiles. There was also a beauty bar that allowed attendees to purchase, take a sample and speak with the beauty/cosmetic moguls themselves. Brands like Vera Moore Cosmetics, Jane Carter Solutions, Face In A Case, Glamazon beauty Cosmetics and Cocotique were discussing their brands in relation to beauty, skincare, and lifestyle. SALUD was there with their wellness tea and 100% organic new beauty skincare trio. Attendees were educated by services from New York Life Insurance to build assets with life insurance and introduced to a new app called Minfo, which is a new way of connecting and expanding one’s business. There was even a roundtable held by Tabitha Serrano from Concreteislandista for bloggers to give their honest reviews on the products at the event.                 Sponsors included New York Life, Vera Moore Cosmetics, Jane Carter Solutions, NY Beauty + Cosmetology Chamber of Commerce, SALUD, GLAMAZON, CELFIE Cosmetics, Swisse, Face In A Case, Model Citizen, Cocotique, EPIC SCOPE FILM and Pics by Max Zoto. Glambition was well organized and had a great atmosphere. The information and networking were well worth it! CEO’s and those with experience in the industry were available and more than helpful. That is not something you come across and why Glambition is so important. They are bridging the gap between startup business owners/entrepreneurs and those with experience in order to for each to continue to grow. A lot of young women were able to be next to their role models and while others to reconnected or built new friendships. It was a true takeaway for all, the attendees, guests, vendors, and speakers. I guess that is what Glambition is all about!! Visit GLAMBITION.BIZ for more info. ]]>