Cayo Coco Releases New Single “Gently, Dreamer”

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( ENSPIRE Music ) LA-Based Artist Cayo Coco Releases “Gently, Dreamer” Highlighting Healing & Inner Exploration

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

Cayo Coco is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer, Lumen Loraine. Originally from Indiana, the now LA-based artist uses his work to share stories of healing and inner exploration. With overall themes of hope and wonder threaded throughout everything he creates, Lumen explains that the process of music for him is a celebration of joy. His latest single “Gently, Dreamer” is the first to be released from his upcoming album, which details the inner work he has been doing over the past two years. The artist confides, “I experienced multiple life-changing soul connections over the last 3 years. Each of them shined an awareness into the depths of my being, and I saw many things I had been avoiding in myself. A lot of my songs are about the magic that meeting those people unlocked within me. This music is for them, myself, and anyone else who is healing and is on the path.”

“Gently, Dreamer” serves as a release of the old you. The intense lyrics were written from the perspective of the wounded inner child. Towards the end of the song, the message completely flips, switching back to his present self and expressing a state of greater freedom and acceptance. The creation of the song was a purging experience for Lumen, who performed every instrument on the track. He shares, “With any of my songs if you ask me what I played or how I did it, it’d take me a minute to figure it out. I don’t know keys or theory, I just know how to have fun and get lost in the sonic landscape.”

Cayo Coco
Gently, Dreamer
Lumen Loraine

Starting with an almost R&B style, the “Gently, Dreamer” depicts peace and tranquility while also building up to the flip. This progression can seem even similar to remembering childhood years only for them to slowly catch up to a time of disorder and confusion. Towards the middle of the song, the mood changes, symbolizing grief, anger, and confusion. The song contrasts light and calming melody with heavy or rock-like lyrics to symbolize this in-between period. The song closes with a third flip, adapting a more upbeat calming melody and tone to symbolize the acceptance of the two contrasting periods of life.

Cayo Coco has garnered millions of streams for his music to date, landing support from Spotify editorial playlists, and has also been featured on Pharrell’s Apple Music podcast, OTHERtone. He expresses his feelings through song, using his voice not only to express the importance of healing your inner child but also the importance of expressing that release or acceptance. Hoping that his music encourages people to look inside, he explains that going within is a beautiful, worthwhile adventure and urges listeners to join him on this magical journey.

To listen to “Gently, Dreamer” click the link below!

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