Jeff Bradshaw Drops New Album “Jeff Bradshaw: 20”


( ENSPIRE Music ) The Incredibly Talented Artist Releases An Album to Celebrate his 20th Anniversary

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

The multi-talented and famous trombonist Jeff Bradshaw has recently released his new album titled “Jeff Bradshaw: 20”. Each song from the album is a different story throughout Bradshaw’s long and busy life. Bradshaw crafted beautifully all the songs, each with its unique style to create a strong feeling of wonder. This album stands as a proud reminder of Bradshaw’s legacy and as an inspiration for all the young trombone players in the world.

Jeff Bradshaw learned to love music at a very young age in his life. His father who was both a preacher and a musician taught Bradshaw how to play the Trombone which is the reason for Bradshaw’s talent and success. “I learned how to play soul, gospel, jazz, and R&B music. I was surrounded by music at the church and home.” Bradshaw’s first solo artist album came out with the help of Steve McKeever many years later in 2003 titled “Bone Deep”. This was his first major step in a long 20-year journey that led Bradshaw to have the legacy he has today.

Bradshaw’s father was a very skilled musician who could play a large variety of different instruments. “He knew that I had a gift and that I inherited a lot of his musical talent.” His father was also a great teacher who knew exactly how to train Bradshaw in the art of music. “He taught me to learn the words of old Gospel songs and try to play the words through the trombone, which gives me the lyrical style I have today.”

Out of all the people that Bradshaw met on the Philly scene in 1994, Questlove from The Roots had the greatest effect on him. “He’s an institution of musical knowledge. I learned so much from him from being in recording sessions and concerts.” Questlove knows what everyone in the band should be doing and how to do it perfectly.

The release of Bradshaw’s first album in 2003 proved to him that he has the potential to make a serious music career. “I can really see myself being the biggest artist in this genre when I’m done. It made me feel like my dream of being one of the greatest contemporary soul and jazz artists in the world was possible.”

Bradshaw’s idea for his new “Jeff Bradshaw: 20” album came naturally as something had to be done for the 20th anniversary of his first album, “Bone Deep.” The new album is a showcase of Bradshaw’s talent in being able to use his skills in different ways to form a very diverse album. “Each song goes towards a different place, it’s like portions in a great restaurant.” The album makes sense even though all the songs are individually different from each other.

After 20 years of releases, Jeff Bradshaw’s best advice is to be a talented individual through practice. “Be someone who knows what your superpower is, and practice does make it almost perfect. Preparation is your biggest responsibility.”

Jeff Bradshaw is an incredible artist with a truly strong legacy behind him. His work took a lot of dedication, talent, and love to become what it has, and it has not been an easy road. His most recent album is a grand accomplishment accumulating 20 years into one album. It’s proof to all young trombone and other instrumental players that they are all capable of achieving greatness if they have the determination to do it.

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