That Good Good Shea: Meet the Black Female Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Everything We Know About Shea


( ENSPIRE Health & Wellness ) That Good Good Shea founder and CEO is Irene Adwoa Bekoe, A Creative Visionary

ENSPIRE Contributor: Camila Lizardo

That Good Good Shea was created to meet all of your skincare requirements. In honor of Ante Yaa and Ghana’s heritage, “That Good Good Shea” was created. Irene Adwoa Bekoe is a Ghanaian-Canadian and the founder and CEO of the brand “That Good Good Shea.” The brand was made to educate different individuals worldwide about the richness of the natural Ghanaian products she grew up using. Irene has firsthand knowledge of the benefits that raw shea has for the skin, which motivated her to use Shea in her daily life and create her own company, “That Good Good Shea.” 

Irene Adwoa Bekoe originally learned about the age-old shea butter beauty secret from her mother, Ante Yaa. Shea butter from Ghana was something Ante Yaa would frequently bring back for her family, but eventually, it became scarce. Irene looked for comparable shea products in nearby local stores, but she was unsuccessful in finding shea butter that resembled the one her mother would bring back from Ghana; the texture, scent, and smell were not what she was looking for. Irene started her own shea business because she believed it was important to improve the standard of shea butter offered for sale in North America.

Irene Adwoa Bekoe, founder and CEO of the brand “That Good Good Shea.”

Irene has struggled with eczema her entire life. After trying many popular treatments unsuccessfully to treat her eczema, She discovered how good shea butter was for her skin. She would use raw, vegan, unrefined shea butter from Ghana to successfully treat her eczema, and when she saw how well it worked for her, she used the shea for her brand, “That Good Good Shea.”

Shea butter is well known for its many benefits for the skin; these include the treatment of seasonal allergies, acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, etc. Since “That Good Good Shea” only uses natural shea, it can be used on all skin types. The difference between “That Good Good Shea” and other shea products on the market is that the ones on the market contain a variety of chemicals and active ingredients that might not be suited for everyone’s skin, whereas “That Good Good Shea” uses natural shea to make it suitable for everyone worldwide.

That Good Good Shea

ENSPIRE had the amazing opportunity to interview Irene Adwoa Bekoe about her brand and her journey; these are her answers.

How was your journey making your own brand from scratch?

Starting a business from scratch being a full-time Teacher, a mother of two boys, and a wife has involved a great amount of courage, dedication, and time. I’ve had to think through so many ideas, create unique products, rework formulas, and test formulations. Shea butter from Ghana is a premium ingredient that is the essence of natural beauty. I created That Good Good Shea to continuously honor the legacy of my Ghanaian Heritage.

I love sharing my vision with others, starting with family and friends. I love being able to create products using shea butter. When That Good Good Shea became a reality, it was important for me as a Teacher to empower others with education. It was very rewarding for us to travel to Ghana and meet our people who have been making shea butter for generations and sharing the gift of shea with others. Our business has been rooted in supporting the shea producers, local farmers, cooperatives, and the men and women in our homeland.

Did you have any other skin problems that you realized raw shea could help with?

A. Relieving dry Skin: Adding moisture with ingredients like Shea Butter can help the skin absorb nutrients and naturally repair the skin barrier. Plus, regular application of Pure & Unrefined Shea Butter can provide the added benefit of relieving irritation and unwanted discoloration in dry skin’s appearance.

B. Healing: Shea Butter has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can ease swelling and redness in the skin. People use Pure & Unrefined Shea Butter when they suffer from irritations such as burns, bruises, or scars.

C. Anti-aging properties: Shea Butter is great for keeping your skin looking young and fresh! It helps stimulate collagen production, which makes your skin more rejuvenated and youthful. Not only that, but it also moisturizes your skin, reducing wrinkles, and making it smoother. Overall, Pure & Unrefined Shea Butter provides many benefits, like moisturizing, boosting collagen, and improving elasticity, giving you a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

D. Protecting the skin: Shea Butter is great for protecting your skin! It has natural substances like cinematic acid that act as a sunscreen, shielding your skin from sunburn and harmful UV rays. Plus, it can also help prevent peeling of the skin, soothe sunburned skin, and keep your skin moisturized. With Pure & Unrefined Shea Butter, you can enjoy the benefits of sun protection and skin nourishment. For maximum results, we recommend establishing a routine using Pure & Unrefined Shea Butter daily.

When was the moment you realized Shea could help with your eczema?

The moment I realized shea butter could help with my eczema was when I was a child. Shea butter has medicinal properties. When the cortisone creams and steroid creams the doctors were subscribing to didn’t work, I turned to what my mother knew best, Shea butter. The Inflammation, dryness, itching, and redness, were very uncomfortable and bothersome. Shea butter was very soothing to my skin and helped to minimize dryness because of its moisturizing qualities.

How did you endure the challenges of building your own brand?

The best way to ensure the challenges of building your own brand is to have a good support system around you, research, and lean on expertise from others. As a brand owner, it is necessary to continuously learn from both successes and setbacks.

What goal does your business have?

The goal of That Good Good Shea is to introduce people to products that are simple, versatile, and beneficial to the skin. Most individuals I meet know about shea butter but it’s nice having people try out shea-infused products and talk about how they love the way the products feel on their skin or how much they love the different scents and how they love how the products are natural and vegan. The more people know the more impact you can have on individuals making choices on products they can trust that are clean and genuinely good for them.

What are people’s thoughts on your brand?

When we talk to people who try our shea-infused products, People discuss the before and after effects and talk about how their skin was loving the body butter or oils. Formulating and creating shea-infused products is a love of mine however making a difference, whether that’s through helping people by introducing them to clean, natural ingredients, educating them on how to use products, or changing the way people think about elevating their skin care goals.

What was the main inspiration for your decision to start a business?

My mother, Ante Yaa, was my inspiration to start this business. She first introduced me to Shea butter to help me combat my eczema and I’ve used Shea butter my entire life because of her. Having dealt with eczema, I wanted to share shea butter with people who also had a specific need and sensitivities of eczema-prone skin and also help people understand the versatility of products that can be made from shea butter.

What were some difficulties you encountered?

1. Sourcing high-quality, natural ingredients can be difficult because it requires a great amount of research and testing ingredients.

2. Finding the right combination of ingredients that are both safe and effective can be a lengthy process.

3. Navigating through the regulations surrounding skincare products can also be challenging. Ensuring that your products meet all the safety and labeling requirements requires the right amount of research and education.

What aspect of your brand do you care about the most?

One aspect of our brand that we care the most about is empowering people with the knowledge so they can make well-informed decisions about their skincare while promoting natural products that are safe and effective. As someone who has worked in education for over 20 years, taking an educational approach while speaking with people has been helpful. Teaching individuals to read product labels and recognize ingredients and how different components can benefit specific skin concerns and also highlighting the importance of avoiding synthetic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and artificial colors has been a key lesson I have learned along the way.

Irene Adwoa Bekoe, “That Good Good Shea,” founder and CEO, wants to concentrate on providing natural Ghanaian products under her brand. The motivation to spread the word about Ghanaian raw shea came after learning about the advantages it has for different skin conditions and concerns. The brand’s goal is to educate people about Ghana’s heritage and the richness of its natural products.

To learn more about Irene Adwoa Bekoe, you can always check out her Instagram. You can purchase That Good Good Shea products on their website, “That Good Good Shea” as well as on Amazon.

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