Xceleader Founders Support HBCU Alumni


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Nonprofit Foundation Xceleader Equips HBCU Alumni With Tips to Give Back

ENSPIRE Contributor: Cailin Tennis

Last week, Xceleader spoke to HBCU alumni about how they can give back to their communities and support systems. Xceleader is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting future leaders of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). They presented at the United Negro College Fund’s (UNCF) UNITE 2023 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This presentation was educational, and insightful, and gave students specific actions as examples of how they can give back.

Xceleander was created in 2018 by three HBCU alumni from Dillard University, Howard University, and Tennessee State University. This organization empowers HBCU students to embrace their college experience with the goal of paying back to the same institutions that supported them. Many students have been given amazing opportunities and been supported by HBCUs and their affiliate programs. The question remains, how can they continue this positive feedback loop, and continue to give back?

Xceleader priorities and goals to bolster black success

Xceleader’s recent HBCU Alumni Giving Survey (featuring 250 HBCU alumni) found some staggering insights. 80% of alumni are uncertain about how to give back, have other financial obligations, or lack interest in joining. Only 56% of alumni are likely to give back financially to their alma mater in the future. These statistics show that there’s great potential for alumni to support and enhance existing programs.

Their presentation was titled: HBCU Pride: Innovative Approaches to Rethink Young Alumni Giving. It was eloquently presented by Xceleader’s three leaders — Aarian Forman, Jade Agudosi, and Tevon Blair. These inspiring leaders connected deeply with audiences with their honesty and authenticity. They led a compelling conversation offering tips for HBCU alumni on effective philanthropic efforts.

Some of their best advice included encouragement to mentor students and volunteer at college fairs and campus-wide events. Alumni can raise awareness by sporting their alma mater’s apparel and speaking about their college work in the community. Finally, by engaging in alumni events, reunions, and networking opportunities, alumni are empowering future generations and keeping the community alive. 

Xceleader is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports Historically Black College and University (HBCU) students with leadership and professional development programs and resources. They aim to produce the next generation of trailblazers who drive progress and innovation on campuses and beyond. To continue learning more about Xceleader, HBCUs, and ways to give back, check out Xceleader’s website.

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