Young Entrepreneur Battles Cancer as He Launches His Business


( ENSPIRE Features ) Brandon Aversano Talks About His Struggles and Successes

ENSPIRE Contributor: Ana Luque

Brandon Aversano is the founder of Alloy, the first web and app-based precious metal jewelry and scrap metal exchange. Being one of a kind, Alloy has been booming and has been a successful business venture. But it wasn’t an easy journey for Aversano. 

In the fall of 2022, Aversano was diagnosed with testicular cancer and, during this scary time, he realized how expensive cancer care is. This tumultuous time led to the beginnings of Alloy. Aversano has been extremely successful, and with Alloy he is set to change an industry that has traditionally been regarded as shady, anonymous, and taboo.

Aversano shared with ENSPIRE about his journey with both being an entrepreneur and dealing with cancer. 

Could you tell us more about how Alloy came to be? What inspired you to create Alloy?

The story behind Alloy‘s inception is one of both personal struggle and triumph. Last year, I was diagnosed with cancer and was soon burdened with medical expenses as I progressed through my recovery. Seeking a way to earn some spare cash without compromising too much of my time, I remembered my grandparents had left me some gold jewelry.

However, to sell the items, pawn shops, and jewelry stores offered me mere fractions of the actual value. The experience left me frustrated. Fueled by this, I founded Alloy to provide a reliable solution to this problem, helping people make money quickly and securely, especially in challenging times when money is tight.

We hope you’re on a successful recovery and getting better, could you tell us more about the challenges you faced while trying to create a successful business and dealing with cancer?

Being diagnosed with testicular cancer taught me two invaluable lessons:

Firstly, I came to understand that time is finite, urging me to cherish every moment and pursue my personal and professional goals now.

Secondly, I learned that the precious metal exchange industry is opaque, and unclear and was in need of a transparent, secure platform for consumers. In order to fund my medical treatment, I attempted to sell some of my jewelry, only to encounter a frustrating and discouraging experience. This realization led me to recognize the potential for disruption in the precious metal exchange market.

Driven by this vision, I founded Alloy, determined to revolutionize the industry and make a lasting impact. Our mission is to change the landscape of the market for good, providing a seamless and supportive experience for those facing similar challenges in covering medical expenses.

What motivated and continues to motivate you?

Alloy is built upon the fundamental mission of making a positive impact on the world, driven by my personal motivation to achieve this goal.

Our platform provides a unique solution for individuals in challenging situations who need to sell their gold or jewelry. With unparalleled service and lightning-fast processing, we ensure the highest payouts in the industry, making it easier than ever for people to sell their gold and jewelry when they find themselves in difficult situations and need the money.

We contribute to reducing global demand for newly mined precious metals by actively participating in the circular economy at a large scale. By recycling precious metals extensively for various purposes such as jewelry, medical equipment, and vehicles, we strive to mitigate the ecological devastation caused by traditional mining practices. This approach aligns perfectly with our vision of creating a better world by changing the industry in which we work.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Chances are that if you stumble on a problem and can’t find a solution yourself, there isn’t one. If you understand that industry, can think of a solution to the problem that makes sense as a business model and can commit yourself to it, then go for it.

I think the best ideas come organically via lived experience. It’s hard to identify problems in markets or areas you haven’t directly experienced yourself. It’s not impossible, but it’s certainly easier to solve a challenge that exists for yourself and that you have experience in.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We’re incredibly proud of Alloy’s early traction. Alloy is growing quickly and is the new go-to solution for those people who are looking to cash in on their gold.

Alloy offers customers the most customer-friendly option on the market to exchange small lot sizes (< $2K) of scrap gold jewelry for quick payouts with a company they can trust (no more pawn shops). We’re taking a whole new approach to the industry and we are committed to changing it for the better!

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Check out this video to learn more about Alloy’s Founder and how they got started

Here at ENSPIRE we can’t wait to see what the future stores for Alloy and Aversano. Go check out Alloy on their website!

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