How Positive Thinking Can Change Your Outlook on Life With Dr. Shaneè C. Morgan


( ENSPIRE Health & Wellness ) Changing the Direction of Your Life Through Positive Thinking

ENSPIRE Contributor: Aiyanna Hawkins

As the founder of Dennis-Morgan Coaching & Consulting, Shaneè C. Morgan is a Principal Consultant and experienced Strategist. Dr. Morgan specializes in a variety of topics including human development, behavioral health, and leadership psychology. She also prides herself as a member of the Psi Chi International Society in Psychology. Not only that, but she has over 20 years of experience in administration, teaching, and facilitation. She has provided consultation for various individuals, families, educators and even behavioral service professionals.

Dr. Morgan seeks to help those struggling with their professional, personal, or academic pursuits. She spreads her positivity by engaging in motivational speaking where she touches on topics such as resilience, overcoming adversity, goal setting, and more.

Mental health is extremely prevalent within the United States, with 1 in 5 adults in the US experiencing mental illness in a given year. Fortunately, thinking positively can have a significant impact on emotional well-being by reducing stress, enhancing self-esteem, and improving relationships. The power of including positivity within your life can make a drastic change just by incorporating it daily. 

ENSPIRE thrives to promote positivity and confidence within the community, and by incorporating Dr. Morgan’s techniques and practices, you can directly change your outlook on life. Some ways to incorporate positivity into your daily life is to practice gratitude, engage in self-care, say affirmations out loud, and continuously challenge negative thoughts. With the use of these tools, you can reach your goals and grow into the person you strive to be.

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