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Keisha Saunders-Waldron is a licensed clinical mental health counselor (LCMHC) who has been in the mental health field for over 18 years. She is a mental health advocate, especially focusing on minority communities. Her business Confidential Confessions Counseling Services is a safe space located in North Carolina that provides many counseling services for all kinds of individuals and groups. Keisha Saunders works with individuals and families through holistic practices. Her goal is to help her patients improve their lives and overcome themselves. 

With a Master’s Degree in Science and Service Agency Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Keisha Saunders has broadened her education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Science in Psychology and minored in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her educational achievements and practice made her a serial entrepreneur who holds a Goldman Sachs 10sbk entrepreneur certification and a  woman entrepreneurship certificate from Cornell University. 

Keisha Saunders- Waldron

Besides her amazing educational background, Keisha Saunders holds a seat on the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of NC. She also had affiliations with the North Carolina Counseling Association and the National Board for Certified Counselors. Confidential Confessions Counseling has helped her produce results for high-echelon clients such as R&B artists, NFL Football players, senior corporates, and all general counsel. She inspires balance through a trusting and peaceful atmosphere. Her services include clinical assessment, coaching, substance abuse counseling, relationship/marriage/family counseling, and psychotherapy.

Treatment specialties include diagnosing anger management, anxiety, ADHD, child behavioral problems depression, financial stress, mood swings, parental support, PTSD, substance use, and dependency trauma. Her mental health counseling practice helps clients reduce stress and anxieties and have mental clarity. Keisha Saunders also has a We Talk Weekly Podcast which discusses news, pop culture, and mental health from an Urban perspective.

Tell us the story of how Confidential Confessions became a counseling service.

Confidential Confessions emerged in 2015 to enhance convenience and extend accessibility to a broader demographic. This initiative was driven by recognizing an unmet need and the desire to provide flexible mental health services. Moreover, past experiences within agencies underscored a misalignment between their client-centric approaches and my value system. With time, the narrative of Confidential Confessions has continually evolved. It has transformed into a robust mental health practice that equips individuals with a comprehensive toolkit of skills, interventions, and strategies that bolster mental well-being.

Please explain the services you provide, their significance, and what is involved when getting started.

Confidential Confessions offers essential services, including clinical assessments, psychotherapy/counseling, marriage and couple counseling, coaching, and supervision. These services collectively cater to the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring that they receive tailored support. The significance of these services lies in their ability to foster mental health suitability by addressing a variety of concerns in a holistic manner.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s circumstances and the pivotal role that the right therapeutic fit plays in fostering positive outcomes, we invite the client to arrange a 10-minute consultation session with us. This preliminary meeting is an invaluable platform to gain insights into the concerns and requirements. Additionally, it allows us to collaboratively assess the alignment of our services with your personal goals.

During this brief interaction, we aim to delve deeper into your unique needs, address any queries, and ensure that you feel both at ease and supported as you contemplate embarking on counseling services. 

Go through the process of a clinical assessment. How are you able to determine what a client needs?

A clinical assessment serves as a foundational element in the therapeutic process. This 90-minute exploration delves into the client’s history, enabling the therapist to identify factors contributing to their present concerns. The client’s own goals and needs are central to this process. It is important to note that while the assessment may traverse sensitive areas, the client is empowered to address topics in their comfort zone.

Was being a counselor and entrepreneur always your passion?

Counseling was always a core passion, while the entrepreneurial aspect emerged from a deep commitment to offering a secure environment where clients don’t have to recount their stories.

What are the challenges and successes of being a counselor?

Challenges within the counseling profession include time constraints imposed by insurance regulations and reimbursement rates, limiting the extent of assistance offered. Success is derived from witnessing clients evolve into better versions of themselves, often transforming their perceptions of their initial concerns.

What type of holistic practices do you use at Confidential Confessions, and why are they unique and help your patients? 

While not directly employing practices like reiki or acupuncture, I adopt a holistic perspective that acknowledges mental, spiritual, and physical interconnectedness. This perspective informs the therapeutic process, recognizing that imbalance in one facet can impact the entire well-being.

Keisha Saunders-Waldron

Explain as best you can how you plan out your counseling sessions.

Counseling sessions, though flexible, follow a general structure within the framework of 50-minute increments. These sessions encompass reflections on the past week’s progress, discussions about challenges and highlights, and identifying a single focus area to empower the client’s personal growth.

Explain your responsibilities of being a seat member of the Licensed Professional.

During my tenure as a Member At Large, I undertook structured responsibilities across staggered 2-year terms. This arrangement facilitated a seamless transition between returning and incoming members, fostering a mentorship dynamic. My role was characterized by adaptability, as my duties were not rigidly defined but instead aligned with the strategic requirements of the board as identified by the president.

One of the areas where I played a significant role was on the Professional Development Committee. In this capacity, I was actively involved in orchestrating and facilitating continuing education programs and networking initiatives statewide. These efforts targeted Clinical Mental Health Counselors, aiming to provide them with comprehensive growth and skill enhancement opportunities.

My engagement as a Member At Large underscored my commitment to contributing to the advancement of the counseling profession and supporting the needs of fellow professionals.

Tell us about your affiliation with the North Carolina Counseling Association and National Board of Certified Counselors; what does it entail?

I am an active member of The Licensed Clinical Counselors of North Carolina (LCCNC), formerly the North Carolina Counseling Association. Membership within the North Carolina Counseling Association provides a platform for discussions on critical topics and trends, advocating for the counseling field’s visibility and continuing education.  

We Talk Weekly Podcast: Insights and Benefits

The “We Talk Weekly Podcast” delves into topics at the intersection of mental health and pop culture, counseling theories, stigmas, and supporting the BIPOC community. The interview presented a distinct counseling perspective and gave the audience an understanding of confidentiality, approachability, and aspects beyond confidentiality in therapy.

Keisha Saunders is changing the way we go about mental health in counseling. If you or a loved one require counseling services in the state of North Carolina visit on how to get started and more in-depth information on the services you need. Follow Confidential Confessions on Instagram, to keep up with the We Talk Weekly Podcast and updated announcements. 

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