Best 4 Women-Run Podcasts for Positivity and Growth


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Tune in to our Favorite Women-Led Podcasts Radiating Positivity, Empowerment, and Authenticity

ENSPIRE Contributor: Margaux Jubin

Whether you’re on your nightly walk, have a long drive to work, or are just looking for new podcasts, we’ve gathered some of our favorite female-run podcasts for you to listen to. Girl bosses who aim to empower themselves and other women run these podcasts. Each of these podcasts covers topics such as mental health, exercise, confidence, relationships, etc. 

Amidst a brimming plethora of media options, finding what you like can be daunting. Together, these positive podcasts offer a sense of escape and a source of empowerment. From Lauren Ash’s “Black Girl in Om,” a sanctuary of insight for women of color, to Brooke Paintain’s “Positively Me,” which is dedicated to realness and growth, each podcast invites women into a space of vulnerability and growth. Victoria Garrick Brown’s “Real Pod” brings originality and authenticity to the mix, and Ashley Graham’s “Pretty Big Deal” deep dives into the lives of astounding women, uncovering their knowledge and wisdom. 

1- Black Girl in Om

In this wellness-focused and black-run podcast, the host Lauren Ash converses with guests from a range of backgrounds. Throughout her episodes, she discusses all things self-care and empowerment for women of color. Ash has had guests such as Rachel Cargle, Erica Chidi-Cohen, and Kenesha Sneed.  Established in 2014, Ash’s goal for the podcast is to “create a space for black women to breathe easy”.

2- Positively Me With Brooke Paintain

This positive and upbeat podcast is hosted by 20-year-old Brooke Paintain, a British YouTuber and TikToker. On her podcast, Brooke discusses self-compassion, feeling stuck, exercise, body image, drinking culture, people-pleasing, etc. Originally going viral on TikTok from a cute dance video with her grandpa, she has evolved her content to focus on positivity, mental health, confidence, and exercise. 

3- Real Pod With Victoria Garrick Brown

Victoria Garrick Brown is a former D1 athlete at USC but first grew a platform using TikTok. Her videos on intuitive eating and body image have gained millions of views. After obtaining an impressive following on TikTok, she created her podcast, Real Pod. On Real Pod, Victoria interviews almost exclusively women and discusses heartbreak, anxiety, healthy relationships, and finding your purpose.

4- Pretty Big Deal With Ashley Graham

Supermodel, Ted Talker, mother, and businesswoman Ashley Graham became a household name as a trailblazer in the modeling world. Because of her influence as one of the first plus-size models, Graham served as a representation of curvy women. Throughout her episodes, she has interviewed many A-list celebrities on her podcast, such as Hailey Bieber, Shay Mitchell, and Serena Williams. With her various guests, she discusses activism, motherhood, life as a businesswoman, mental health, feminism, and more.

In a world with a surplus of media, it’s difficult to know where to start with podcasts. First, these four fantastic women-run shows offer unique and captivating perspectives that resonate with a wide range of audiences. They covered a lengthy list of topics in these shows. Each podcast champions the importance of feminine energy and women supporting women. Therefore, tune in and allow yourself to relax and take in the wisdom from these incredible women and their experiences.

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