A Night of Culture and Comedy: Marcello Hernández Hosts Noche Buena Feast in NYC


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Saturday Night Live Star Brings Together Friends and Family for a Flavorful Celebration

In a joyous celebration blending laughter and cultural richness, Saturday Night Live breakout star Marcello Hernández recently hosted a private Noche Buena feast in New York City. The event, curated by James Beard Award-Winning celebrity Chef JJ Johnson and sponsored by Buchanan’s Whisky, brought together a fusion of flavors honoring Marcello’s Cuban-Dominican heritage and JJ’s Afro-Puerto Rican roots, with a 200% twist.

The intimate gathering featured a feast of exceptional dishes, including traditional Caribbean staples served family-style. From arroz con gandules to pollo guisado, bacalaitos, chicharron con limón, and a pasteles station, attendees were treated to a culinary journey. A highlight of the evening was the table-side Golden Cart Pernil, offering a selection of pork, lamb, and cauliflower.

Signature cocktails such as Buchanan’s Coquito and Piña and Cranberry complemented the delectable offerings, while desserts like JJ’s family bread pudding and churros with a Buchanan’s chocolate sauce provided a sweet conclusion to the evening.

DJ Bembona set the perfect tone, infusing the night with a mix of traditional salsa and merengue classics alongside new rhythms. Marcello, joined by fellow comedians Reeezy, Aminah Imani, Radel Ortiz, and others, took center stage on the dance floor, ensuring an unforgettable night of laughter and entertainment.

This exclusive dinner aligns with Buchanan’s “We Are the Spirit of the 200%” campaign, featuring Marcello Hernández and recognizing the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the nation. As a part of their commitment, Buchanan’s has donated to Rethink Food, supporting communities in need through Buchanan’s 200% Futuro Fund. The Noche Buena celebration not only showcased the richness of Afro-Latin heritage but also emphasized the importance of giving back during the holiday season.

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