Kids of Immigrants and Buchanan’s Collab Celebrates the First-generation American Experience

Photo: Jaylan Ochoa

( ENSPIRE Feature ) Kids Of Immigrants’ New Collection Celebrates First-Generation Americans And Supports Nonprofit Feeding Undocumented Immigrant Community In Los Angeles

ENSPIRE Contributor: Sophia Kang

On January 18, L.A.-based clothing brand Kids of Immigrants and Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky launched their limited edition WHAT GLORY WE ARE collab capsule collection, which celebrates the first-generation American, or the “200%er,” experience. The collection includes a beanie ($35), hoodie ($100), and sweatpants ($90).

“It’s in the duality that exists in between two different cultures, traditions, and languages coming together to make us 200%. Where the heart meets the home. [This collection is] an appreciation of our roots and a celebration of our uniqueness. We are all cut from different fabrics but, together, we make a whole. We would not be here without our commUNITY,” Kids of Immigrants co-founder Daniel Buezo said.

Photo: Jaylan Ochoa

100% of the proceeds from the collection will go to No Us Without You L.A., a nonprofit that provides food security to more than 1,600 undocumented hospitality workers, day laborers, street vendors, and their families in Los Angeles. Every $33 donated to the nonprofit will feed a family of four for a week.

Kids of Immigrants co-founders Buezo and Weleh Dennis “established the name [of their brand] from what united them.” Buezo and Dennis are both first-generation Americans. The name of their brand also reminds us we are all Kids of Immigrants.

Photo: Jaylan Ochoa

Shop the WHAT GLORY WE ARE collection here. Plus, find Kids of Immigrants on Instagram @KidsofImmigrants and Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky @BuchanansWhisky.

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