Restoring Calm After the Chaos: The Assurance of Best Option Restoration


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Best Option Restoration Stands as a Beacon of Stability in the Disaster Restoration Industry

ENSPIRE Contributor: Matthew Carbonell

When disaster strikes your home or business, it is better to be prepared to minimize damage. But even then, it is impossible to prepare for everything and anything. Things need to be rebuilt, restored, and back to normal. But this does not only include the physical wreckage but also the uprooted sense of security and the overwhelming quest to regain normalcy.

Best Option Restoration is a trusted national leader in the disaster restoration industry. With fires, storms, floods, etc., Best Option Restoration is ready 24/7 to help. Every technician under their banner isn’t just professional; they also embody the very ethos of restoration and assurance. Rigorously trained, certified, and insured, these experts aren’t just committed to rebuilding spaces, but also restoring the feelings of “home” and “business” to their original, “pre-loss” state.

Nick-Anthony Zamucen, the founder of Best Option Restoration, was eager to share insights on the critical work they do. He also provided past stories of resilience he’s encountered which are truly inspiring.

How would you describe the start/beginning of Best Option Restoration?

Best Option Restoration was a spin-off of a prior franchise I owned named Bio-One, which I sold to Private Equity in 2021. The restoration industry was an old tired industry with no advancements in technology, no emphasis on customer service or interactions, and it also had a very questionable reputation. So there was little trust within the industry in helping people and doing the right thing. I wanted to change every bit of that.

I’ve brought new technology to the industry, thermal drying strategies, focused on customer service, and sought to always do the right thing instead of the easiest or most expensive thing. Best Option Restoration was born out of necessity. The industry needed the shakeup, the wake up and I’m here to do that. 

What is it that makes Best Option Restoration different from other leading alternatives?

The easy answer is our technology, the Thermal approach to drying. We dry water losses in half the time, greatly limiting the homeowners’ or tenants’ discomfort and we speed up getting them back to normal. Again, that’s the easy answer. The real answer is I’ve put such focused attention on customer service, doing the right thing, and presentation to the customer.

When Best Option Restoration shows up, it should be a breath of fresh air compared to who the homeowner thought would show up. We take a professional approach and constantly preach communication to the clients. To us, it’s just being a good human, it’s not hard, however, I know it wasn’t taught in the industry…it is now and we’re becoming the Gold Standard. I wanted to get back to doing what was right, not just what was easiest. 

How long is the restoration process?

Each job is uniquely different. Some jobs are three days, some are three months. With water mitigation or mold cleaning, these standard jobs, for us, take three to four days. If you’re talking about a fire job, this could be weeks to months. Our mitigation process is less than half the time of anyone else in the industry, however, the rebuilds can take most of the time.

Could you tell me why Best Option Restoration aims to go beyond just repairing the physical damage?

It’s the right thing to do. We want to communicate with the homeowner, empathize with their situation, and let them know it’s going to be alright. We’re dealing with people’s lives here, not just their homes. This is their safe space, the place of solitude, a place to lay their head.

When an incident occurs in someone’s home, it shakes up their world; we need to be that calming voice, voice of reason, and sometimes shoulder to cry on. We aim to do all that and more because it’s in our name, Best Option…I take that seriously.

Where can people get in contact with Best Option Restoration?

The best way seems to be through email nowadays,, or go to our website

With this in mind, it is no wonder why Best Option Restoration is a beacon of stability amidst uncertainty. Best Option Restoration allows people to step back, breathe deeply, and be reassured that all will be as it once was, if not better. They not only restore a broken building but also a broken home. Find out more about how Best Option Restoration can help today!

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