“Our Minds Control Everything That Matters”: Tamarra Lewis Johnson on the Mindset that Made Success


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Tamarra Lewis Johnson’s Transition from Homeless and Pill Addicted to Multi-Faceted Business Mogul

ENSPIRE Contributor: Julia Postell

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Tamarra Lewis Johnson has built herself up from a difficult upbringing and transformed her and her family all from a simple vision and a strong determination to succeed. Tamarra faced many obstacles beginning at an early age; having her first child as a Senior in high school, becoming addicted to pain pills, and later being forced into homelessness with two children for over a year and a half. Despite these hurdles, Tamarra has pushed far and wide to become the best version of herself so that her children and other youth can mirror a role model who represents growth even in times of hardship.

Even in the face of adversity, Tamarra Lewis Johnson grew from unimaginable circumstances that allowed her a fresh perspective on life. The multi-faceted business mogul has represented hope for the many who experience the same struggles as Tamarra in their everyday lives. Now with her own daycare business that brings in more than $1.6 million in revenue which has allowed for the creation of a second location in Conyers, Georgia. She owns multiple hospitality and management groups, which all contribute to her major success in the competitive field of business.

With domestic violence, you must find the strength to walk away. It’s a difficult and scary situation. In my experience, even though you should report it, the system can’t always protect you. Always have evidence of the abuse. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I had to disappear. I’ve been out of my domestic violence situation for 20 years, yet I’ve only used my social security number for the past three years because of safety and trauma. I’ve been married for over 10 years, but I still look over my shoulder from time to time because of past fears.

The first thing I would say is mental illness and depression is real. Once you acknowledge it, you can begin healing. I was depressed because I felt as if I was living a lie; I felt like I was drowning. We all have our own path to healing regardless of if we can connect to a similar experience. I learned the power of my mind and fought the battle, to keep going. I had my kids to live for and I didn’t want them to go down the same path. Our minds control everything that matters.

What would you say to someone who has little to no motivation, but whose goal is to be successful in life? Where should that person start to achieve that goal?

My father always used to say, “nothing comes to sleepers, but a dream”; that’s equivalent to the Bible scripture of “faith without works is dead.” The bottom line is if you do nothing, you get nothing. It starts with a vision, and you must put in the work to obtain your goal. You determine the speed based on your determination to obtain success.

Tamarra’s story illustrates how painful experiences can lead to beautiful lessons in life. From being homeless and addicted to pills to now owning multiple businesses and running her own daycare centers, she truly represents the shift in mindset that is highly admirable for anyone that sees themselves facing similar struggles. Tamarra emphasizes the importance of understanding the power of one’s mind and how reshaping the way she thought, got her out of a potentially life-or-death situation. Tamarra Lewis Johnson and her story is pioneering the way for so many lives to follow in her footsteps, her accomplishments and legacy stand behind her to represent a truly innovative mentor who inspires all.  

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