Summer Recap: Bronx Fashion Week May Just Be The New Direction In Fashion


Bronx Fashion Week May Just Be The New Direction In Fashion

The idea of Bronx fashion week was genius, its purpose is to showcase trendy attire usually seen in the Bronx and using up and coming models to showcase clothes. Local businesses were able to let people know what and how they are contributing to their community.  It was the first of its kind and was held from September 5th to 7th 2014 in the Bronx, it was a huge success highlighting the trends and cultures within the Bronx and was attended by A-List celebrities and VIP’s such as VH’1, Mob wives, O Magazine, DJ Cool Herc and DJ Avilles. bxfw12 Some of the activities included delicious and mouthwatering food tastings, from local, budding and established businesses, to die for fashion being showcased on the runways on each of the three days and unforgettable VIP parties daily as well.You were able to meet, greet and ask all the participants about their endeavors and businesses. bxfw6bxfw9 It was spectacular and with designers such as Camilla J. Couture, John Ashword, Jesenia Lopez and Anita W. Ausar showcasing their beautiful creations, it was a marvel to watch. You were able to learn about the Bronx, through the food, clothes and variety being showcased. Each day was a joy to explore and what was even better, was knowing the money that was collected through this event was going to help the businesses in the Bronx and to help them boost their sales. The other purpose is to generate and showcase local talent. Another important purpose of the event was to help showcase the Bronx as a thriving community where talent and enthusiasm is available and also to further encourage entrepreneurship and businesses to set up shop there. Since this year was the first time it was being held, the level of success it had this year would propel it further and allow it to continue in the years to come so that more businesses, aspiring models and designers can showcase their work. bxfw7 The festival did turn out to be an amazing learning experience and hopefully changed or added to the perception about the Bronx. With the variety of tastes and textures of the food, to the different ideas, cuts and colors being showcased it accurately depicted how diverse and at the same time intricate the communities and cultures are. The money raised from this event will be able to help support local charities in the Bronx. It will also help local businesses in terms of showcasing their wares and most importantly will help propel up and coming designers into the limelight. Who knows, maybe we would discover the next Ralph Lauren or Jennifer Lopez here. Definitely be on the lookout for tickets and promotions regarding next year’s event. bxfw2bxfw10bwfw3  ]]>


  1. Wonderful article about Bronx Fashion week! I grew up in the Bronx. It’s a special place and gives me pride knowing that others see the history and talent that has always been apart of the culture.

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