Inside ENSPIRE Magazine – How We Run, Our Google Experience


( ENSPIRE Community ) Inside ENSPIRE Magazine – How We Run, Our Google Experience

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kelsea Campbell

As a proud small business, ENSPIRE takes full advantage of resources created in support of small businesses. Google, a not-so-small business, offers a variety of tools and seminars to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. Recently, ENSPIRE attended a free seminar offered by Google in NY, NY called Google Digital Coaches Workshop. It’s a program designed to provide equal opportunity for all business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive online. As we continue to grow as a digital publication, effort needs to be put into these additional resources as a growing business owner or entrepreneur. We felt “ENSPIREd” to share our experience in hopes of letting others know some of the resources that are available. Since the magazine’s start, we have relied on Google’s resources for communication, structure and as time progressed advertising and site monitoring. We have been utilizing Google Drive and it as a means to communicate ideas and tasks. It is useful in creating documents, organizing photos or pdf’s and allows all team members to work from the same files independently. In addition to Google Drive, ENSPIRE has several uses of Google applications dedicated to keeping the publications many parts organized and current. We have a bit of experience using Google Adwords, Adsense, and Analytics as it helps us to monitor and increase our presence online. With technology evolving at such a high rate, it is important for ENSPIRE and other small businesses to keep up with the changes. Google offers free seminars in areas such as the dimensions of Adwords, digital marketing, and analytics to target these specific areas. There are also classes specified on how to use Google’s services as they apply to small businesses.  Taking advantage of the free and powerful tools Google has to offer has been an asset to ENSPIRE Magazine developing and creating the foundation on which we continue to grow. [caption id="attachment_8544" align="aligncenter" width="424"] Ese Ofurhie Co-Owner/Founder & Editor, ENSPIRE Magazine[/caption]]]>