African Luxury Designer Heats Up the Runway With All Black Models at Miami Swim Week


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) African Luxury Designer Heats Up the Runway With All Black Models at Miami Swim Week

African luxury designer, Alain Fagnidi brought all the heat to Miami Swim Week Powered by Society Fashion Week. The show took place Saturday, July 13 at the luxurious Nautilus by Arlo on Miami Beach. This time of the year is a popular fashion time for Miami, however not so popular with being known for its variety of models during Swim Week. Last year Black models claimed they were turned away from Miami Swim Week casting because of skin color. This year an African luxury designer had black models for his swimwear show.

Alain Fagnidi has been creating luxury designs for more than ten years by the hands of expert craftsmen. Each collection Alain has created represents the lessons of life that can be attributed in creating a better world. He presented his men’s swimwear, sandals, sneakers, and unisex bags and hats. This is a quality brand that everyone should support. Now, let’s get into the chocolate array of fine that graced the runway for Alain Fagnidi. Be sure to check the details of his swimwear and line.

Celebrity model David Mcintosh and NFL tight-end Weslye Saunders were among the sexy, melanin assorted, muscular models. There was nothing but six-packs and above during this showcase. Alain Fagnidi knew what he was doing bringing his African inspired brand to a platform that has yet to showcase his caliber of black beauty. He made sure to represent making sure all of his models were black men. I am sure Miami Swim Week enjoyed this amount of chocolate assortment on the runway and won’t be the last.

You rarely hear about a black designer, let alone an African luxury designer present at Miami Swim Week. Be sure to take a look at the details of his swimwear and line. Support #BlackDesigners

Celebrity Model David Mcintosh
NFL Tight-end Weslye Saunders