Samir Magomedov: Keeping Boxers in Shape


(ENSPIRE Feature) Samir Magomedov Helps Boxers Excel With Their Craft.

ENSPIRE Contributor: Fago Franklin III

Boxing has always been a passion for Samir since he was a young child. It was one of the key factors that shaped and molded Samir into the man that he is today. “It is hard to overestimate the role of boxing in my life. Boxing grew me up and gave me everything I have. It made me who I am. It helped me evade all the dirt of the streets and turn to healthy, straight life,” said Samir.

“It taught me how to achieve my goals despite being tired, ill, stressed and empty pockets. With boxing, I learned the golden rule, when you are having hard times you want to give up, but if you give up it will get even worse. I am grateful to all the experience this sport gave me.”

Boxing is a sport where you have to be patient, have wisdom and understanding, as well as having discipline. Samir has stated that being disciplined in the field is the key factor with a fighter being successful in the ring. “First of all you have to understand that discipline itself is the key factor for achieving results. So if you made up your mind to become a successful fighter, at that very moment discipline becomes a synonym of success for you.”

“Once you realize it all the rest will come easily. Then you start organizing your day.  Following your day schedule is of the same importance as following your trainer’s instructions. When you eat, what you eat, when you wake up and go to bed… these small things are of crucial importance. As soon as you put discipline in your everyday life you’ll start getting results that will inspire you to go forward.”

A lot of people are encouraged by what Samir brings to the table by preparing fighters in the gym, as well as a lot of people, look up to him as a role model.

“It is very pleasant to me. When your achievements are recognized by younger generation it fulfills your life. But apart from satisfaction, you get a lot of responsibility. When first time you see children’s eyes watching you as a teacher, a role model, you feel that you can do nothing wrong. You have to think over your every word and action. But it feels great when you know that your principles of life will get new blood.”

Inspiration comes in different forms and Samir has inspired a lot of boxers to go out there and make their dreams happen!