First Black-Owned Artesian Water Company, Misty Artesian Water Gives Back to Sickle Cell and Breast Cancer Awareness


( ENSPIRE Feature ) First Black-Owned Artesian Water Company Uses Water to Give Back and Raise Awareness

Misty Artesian Water gives back to Sickle Cell and Breast Cancer Awareness. The bottles are part artesian water, part philanthropic project. On the other hand, this organization is 110% dedicated to a mission of helping to increase awareness and raise proper funding for continued research – all while spreading a little love for all of those affected by breast cancer.

Misty Artesian Water will serve as a proud sponsor for the 13th Annual Celebrity Bowl-A-Thon to benefit sickle cell disease at Brunswick Zone Bowling Alley. The event is geared towards raising money to save lives, inform and empower communities to join a national movement! Study shows that people with sickle cell disease should drink 8-10 glasses of water every day and eat healthily. Artesian Water contains fluoride, plenty of calcium, bicarbonate and packed with electrolytes and works as an appetite suppressant. This will be a fun-filled celebrity event and Misty Artesian Water is very excited about joining this fun-filled celebrity event while contributing to a worthy cause.

October 5th, 2019: Misty Artesian Water will sponsor Married To Medicine’s own Dr. Jackie Walters annual event 50 Shades of Pink in Atlanta, Georgia which will benefit breast cancer. This cause is near to Misty Artesian Water as she had a loved one who was affected by this disease. Misty’s ribbon awareness bottle has been designed to bring awareness to breast cancer and a portion of the proceeds for each case sold is donated to various cancer organizations, foundations, and research hospitals. The bottle may be pink and symbolizes breast cancer but the giving is for numerous types of cancers and research which requires cures.

About Misty Artesian Water
Misty Artesian Water is a Louisville, Kentucky-based water which comes from an artesian well below the earth’s surface. The water is compressed between layers of rocks which prevents bacteria, acid rain and other toxins from contaminating. When the well is drilled, a pipe is installed so that when the water is pumped out it doesn’t touch anything that could contaminate it. As such the water has only natural minerals and remains pure for the end-user. This is important for consumers who care about breast cancer. The quality and high PH balance of the water has been tested and certified by the state of Kentucky.