The 6th Annual Unlabelled Awards


( ENSPIRE Events ) The Unlabelled Awards Continues to Acknowledge the Unsung Heroes

Photo Credit: Dex Blackman

On Sept 5, The Unlabelled Awards kicked off the 2019 New York Fashion Week with a bang by honoring great leaders behind the scenes. The Unlabelled Awards is an annual event created by Carol Tia Dunkley to unmask individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes and often go unnoticed. The sixth annual event was curated with an entrepreneurial mindset and honored several deserving influencers, using their mission as a platform for deserving leaders.

The individuals chosen are all well respected in their industries and have shown exceptional influence within their respective fields. Hosted by the hilarious Comedian Chuck Nice, there were many highlights from this year’s ceremony.

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Highlights from this year’s ceremony include Celebrity Photographer Rowena Husbands presenting Celebrity Photographer Johnny Nunez with his Capture the Moment Award, Mona Scott-Young presenting award-winning publicist Ernest Dukes with the Circle of Excellence Award, Director of Operations Hot97 & WBLS, Patricia Robinson presenting Ken Barbie with the Journalism Award and Film Producer/Actor Markuann Smith presenting Alhassan Toure with the Designer Award.

“Sister 2 Sister” publisher and cultural leader Jamie Foster Brown received a Lifetime Achievement Award. Additional honorees included Amadeus (Music of Excellence Award), Jeffrey Deskovic, Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation/Restorative Justice International (Conquest Award), Sam North (Community Angel Award), Renee Sanganoo, Celebrity Makeup (Mirror Image Award), Tatrian Samuels (Vogue Hair Award), Ken Barbie (Journalism Award), Holiday Williams (Entrepreneur Award), Brittany Rae Williams (Visionary Award), Marian Walters (Woman of Courage Award), Wykeima C. King-Walker (Unsung Hero Award), Kevin Livington (Humanitarian Award), Mayor Andre Rainey of Peekskill, NY (Rising Star Award), and Anthony Turner (Coast to Coast Media Award). 

J Alexander Martin presents Jamie Foster Brown her Lifetime Achievement Award

The sixth annual award ceremony has inspired celebrated arts professionals, music, journalism, leaders, and supporters. It is important to celebrate those who are making strides and encouraging others in their industries while they are still here with us to celebrate.

Creator/Producer/Actor Markuann Smith presented Celebrity Designer Alhassan Toure his Designer Award

A portion of the proceeds went to the “Butterfli Wings Foundation,” an organization dedicated to helping homeless children reach their full potential. With philanthropists, educators, musicians, designers, politicians as well as socialites in attendance, the event will be the most talked-about event in New York City.

Sponsors featured for this exclusive event includes: Bartenura, Island Energy Drink, RevHerlutionary LLC., The Peekskill Ledger, Lavish, I LOVE SKIN, GLOWBOOTH USA, Arie Sun Alkaline Water, Ark Belie Wine, and Kreativ Styles!

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